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Do Turtles have Souls?

Dear Barbara and Trudy,

There was a turtle trying to get to the other side of the road. I turned around, parked my car, and two cars were approaching. The turtle was on the white line by the curb of the road. I figured the cars would most likely pass by it safely. I was wrong. One of the cars hit it and killed it. I wonder where the turtle’s angel was at the time, or my angel? I feel bad that I wasn’t able to save it in time. Do you think turtles have souls?


Our Reply:
Dear Karen,

Your letter intrigued us so we asked on of our Native American Shaman friends (Great Bear) what the significance of the event was. She said it was ore than likely the turtle saved YOU! Look at it this way. You stopped your car, therefore you changed your time frame. You thought the turtle was out of the way and that the car wouldn’t hurt it, and yet it did. It must have been a frightening thing, but you were safe. Great Bear thinks that whoever was driving that car needed to be ahead of you and that you were actually being put into a place of safety by the turtle. A turtle is a very sacred animal. She also asked if you, by chance, took a piece of the shell? It would have been a marvelous addition to your medicine bag or altar.

Animals often take “hits” for us. If there are no accidents, then there are no accidents for animals either. This is a world full of miracles.

The angels tell us that animals and other beings have souls of a nature that is proper for them to have. Angels are assigned to them just as they are to everything on earth. We also believe everything has an essence with which we can communicate. Try getting a message from a flower sometime. It will amaze you.

Blessings to you,
Barbara & Trudy  

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