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Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

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Will there be war?

Dear Barbara and Trudy,

My first question in regards to the present times in this world is, Will there be war in the Middle East? If so, will commerce/ shipping come to a stop? I ask this question because I am a Logistics Coordinator and I import products from the Far East and I am afraid to lose my job. I do not know what I’ll do if this were to happen.

Maria V - USA

The Angels Speake
Dear Maria,
We understand your deep concerns about the future of your livelihood. Our answer is to remember that God is taking care of you today as He always has. As things change you will be given the strength to adjust to new events. This is not a problem for just a few. All are affected. Live in this moment only and know that as you are protected today, you will be protected in the future. Pray for peace, but prepare for war. In that way you will feel safe no matter what happens.

Maria: Will there be a war?
Child, there has been a war in the Middle East since the beginning of history. Today is no different. For it to stop, the hearts of the participants must change. Here is an affirmation so you can help that happen. Say, “I am peace. I am peace. I am peace.” By doing that, the energy of the world will lighten. As one goes, so can the world go. It is true.

God is listening to ALL prayers.
The Angels of Peace


Dear Barbara and Trudy,

I was brought to tears because I received a message similar to the one the Angels wrote in your April 15 eletter. On March 20, 2003. I was asking about war and will give you a short portion of the 5 page answer I received. "For centuries there has been war there [in the Middle East) when there should be peace. Peace is a choice given to man, yet he has not chosen it. It is ego that is in the way - Good, Better, Best, Me, Mine. The thought is that "Me and Mine" are best, when in actuality, me and mine are one way. Others will have other ways. As long as they are righteous, fair ways, that is what matters. Respectful ways." The message went on to talk about Earth as a living, breathing entity and how she is wounded by war and pollution.

I have always noticed some similarities to the messages the angels give to other people and what I receive. This, however, was just awesome. I truly enjoy reading the messages on line. I believe we are getting similar messages from the angels because what they say is truth, and that is what we are hearing, truth. Thank you for this forum,

Our Reply:
Dear Joyce,
We have noticed similarities in different people’s angel writings, too. The angels tell us that there are messages of truth surrounding the earth all the time. When we sit down to write our angels, we can tune into a certain truth according the angel's choice. It just depends on what we asked and what we need to learn.

When we are ready to know/learn something, God sends that knowledge to earth and there are many who are ready to receive it. When we wrote Angelspeake, there were three other books published that year titled, "How to Talk with Your Angels." They were not exactly written the same, but the message certainly was. We think that also explains why a scientist in Japan and a scientist in the US and a scientist in France will all discover something at the same time...maybe even win a Nobel prize for it. Who actually writes or invents, may be quite random. But the message is sent, many receive it and few act on it. The message is more important than the messenger.

():-) Barbara & Trudy

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