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Where is God?

Dear Trudy,

A friend of mine told me about your website and we were curious, so decided to drop by and read. I see plenty of talk about angels, which I believe in. However, I see no mention of God, who created them. Angels, as the scripture tells us are commanded by God. Nowhere mentioned in the scriptures are references to people talking to angels, but only angels bringing messages from God. Where do you get your foundation for your theory? I am concerned, as Satan comes as an "angel of light." As Christians, the idea of angel idolatry comes to mind.... can you clear this up for us? Please don't be offended. We are just wondering...

Mary Jo

Hello Mary Jo:
Thank you for emailing me about where is God in our work?  Barbara and I have always shared the message that we respect every person's religious belief. We teach that a person's religious foundation is the foundation of their spiritual work. Our goal is to help people open to their spiritual purpose and how individuals can elevate themselves closer to God and do His work. We teach that angels are God's messengers and they are here to help us and they are always pointing the way to God. We do not idolize angels. We always pray to God and thank him for allowing us to receive the love and support from His helpers.

For a true understanding of our spiritual Work, I encourage you to go to the library and read the book Angelspeake.  On page 11 "Preparing for Angelspeaking" I will share the first four paragraphs of our book:

"Angels are messengers from God. We have been taught that it is possible for people to easily receive messages the angels carry from God. We are passing this information to you as we have to thousands of others in classes the angels have inspired us to teach.

Although this book is not a substitute for your personal religious beliefs, it is meant to enhance every part of your life and we lovingly pass on the angels' teachings to you as they have taught us. Belief in and contact with angels is consistent with all traditional religions. Our words will be written in regular type style. Italicized paragraphs will indicate thoughts and teachings dictated by angels.

Expect miracles to happen from this moment forward. For angels work in miracles.

It all starts from God. Pray for His love to surround you, and enjoy meeting your angels."

My sister passed away several months ago and I am in the process of updating the Angelspeake website. I will be sure to enhance this aspect of God's total presence in our work for Him for those who haven't read our book.

God bless you and thank you for writing.
Trudy Griswold

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