"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake Chat Event

Barbara Mark Chat Event January 25, 2005
James Van Praagh Chat Room

New Year Angel Party!  With Inspirational Speaker BARBARA MARK
Author of the "Angelspeake" Trilogy and "Heaven & Beyond"
Session Start: Tue Jan 25 17:28:27 2005

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Hello everyone...are you ready to paaaartyyy??? haa Wow...we are soooo excited, and I can tell you are as well, to have with us tonight our very dear friend and favorite Angel Lady... BARBARA MARK! Welcome back Barbara!!! Thanks for throwing us such a great party to celebrate the New Year!!!

(barbaramark) Hey! This is going to be AWESOME!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) haaa! We have been blessed to have Barbara share several chat events with us. Enjoy reading the logs from these Angel events on the CHAT LOG page.
Tonight, Barbara has her party hat on and is throwing us a special New Year Angel Party by sharing readings with many of us here.

Barbara is a nationally known teacher, lecturer, and spiritual counselor. Her popular Angelspeake workshop was featured on Good Morning America, Good Day New York, and Leeza.

Barbara and her sister are co-authors of the Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels, and The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing. For more information on Barbara Mark, her books and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com

And now...whaddya say? Shall we party with the Angels??? Haaaa!! Barbara Mark...we are all yours!!

(barbaramark) Happy sorta New Year! It has been an amazing year so far, I hope you have noticed many good things happening for you, because he energy of 2005 is going to be happier, lighter, fun, and spiritual than 2004.

2004 was rather heavy and the angels want me to tell you that you all did well!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Yeaaaa!!!

(barbaramark) There was a lot of growth and pain for many/most of you but that time is over and now is the time to ASK, ASK, ASK the angels for what you need help with. It is like you are an empty basket saying, "Angels, fill me up with goodness so that I may have the health, wealth, and capability to do the work God wants me to. I am ready.

All you really need this year is willingness, and not even much of that.

All you need this year is to BELIEVE, and not even very much.

All you need this year is to be where you are, and with that in mind, lets see what the angels want to tell you about life as lightworkers in 2005. Are you READY???

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Oh yes!

(Angel channeled message begins)

Dearest Children,

We are here in flocks of lovingness to thank you and commend you for all you have done
at this time of your life. This is not a time for half-measures, it is a time of full commitment to whatever God requires of you. It shall be done.

Now here is the problem....

You do not see yourself as great or capable or even as lovable as we see you. The first thing to do is to ASK us to show you your heart. ASK us to let us see into your aura as we do, so that you can see the beauty that surrounds you and engulfs you.

This is the way we see you.

You will never be able to see your light in all its beauty, but when you come back to this side, you will see your magnificence and be in awe of the creation called you. When you came to earth to be God's lightworker, you had to "downsize" your being and energy in order to stay on earth and to do the work you do.

Those you work with may or may not be lightworkers, but they are all willing students, no matter how they see themselves. It is your job to help them see their light.

Not perhaps in a spiritual way, but in a way that will help them love themselves more, and to see themselves as perfect and lovable. Every soul can talk to us. EVERY SOUL,
no matter how doubtful.

You are not to set yourself aside from us, nor are you to tell people that they are less than perfect by thought, word, or implication. Tell each soul you meet abut the good and the beauty you see in them.

Tell them often that they are beautiful and full of light, and that when you are with them,
you feel better. Whether they are old, young, man, woman, child...leave everyone you encounter as feeling more special and perfect than they did when you met up with them.

Take nothing away from anyone. Where you find thorns leave flowers. Where you encounter sour, leave sweetness. Where you find pain and anguish, leave a kiss. Wherever you find need, fill up their pockets, their hearts, and their spirits with the God part of you.

Why do we say this?

Because there are many who are going to need your help this year. The Tsunami is only one of the changes that many will encounter. There is a shift of earth happening that has been predicted, but it will not be in the same way as thought by previous prophets.

It will not be of the North Pole becoming the equator, for that is only a metaphor.

It is the heart that is unbelieving that will believe, and the heart that did not show love will give it in grand amounts. The wealthy will share their wealth; the mothers with empty arms will fill them with other women's children.


Because a lightworker does not say MINE A lightworker says, where there is need, everything I have and own becomes OURS.

Today a friend died, or a child cried, or a father tried to do his best. Give of yourself so all may rest.

If God seems far away, then it is for you to stand in for him, and to let others know that he exists through you. This is no time to shirk or to hoard. It is a time to become generous beyond measure, and God will replace what you have given with abundant generosity beyond understanding. You cannot out give God so don't try. Out give God and make him proud.

How do you begin?

Give away your clutter, your crowded closets, basements, attics, barns, and sheds. Empty your excess into boxes and bags and share them with those who have little. Take the time to go through what has no use to you and pass it on to those who have need for it.

And don't forget money. By all means, don't forget money. Even giving a small gift of change or paper will help someone. Give to your church, and give to the organizations that help people, but give. Why this emphasis on giving?

Because you will see how it comes back to you.

When you open up to the spirit of the gift, You will be gifted in return. For every action, a reaction. You will see it happen, and you will laugh and be thankful, for that is a Lightworkers way.

Bless you all,

(Angel channeled message ends)

Does anyone have a question for the angels...?

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Yes, Barbara... and that was beautiful...thank you for sharing that with us.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the first question is from GAEL:

(gael) Will my angels help me to find my perfect job, the one where I can be happy?

(barbaramark) Absolutely. There are ways to connect with the energy of the perfect job. But first make a list of every thing you would want to include in that perfect job. Make it a wish list and include every thing. Then at the bottom of the list, ASK the angels to let that job find YOU! Quickly, easily, and fearlessly OR BETTER!

I really like this because when I beseech in my prayers, I feel like I should do something even though the angels tell me I don't have to. But when I ask for what I want or need to find ME, I can see it coming to me and enjoy the experience without fear or worry. And if it doesn't come...I know that it wasn't correct AT THIS TIME! We work way to hard at allowing good things to come to us. Was that clear---ish?

(gael) Yes, thank you.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from PANSY:

(Pansy) Hello Barbara. How can you tell that your angel or angels are around you? I can't read or see any signs, or am I just missing the signs?

(barbaramark) Sometimes they give signs, sometimes they don't. It just depends. I don't worry about it any more because I believe with all my heart that they are there and working for me.

Just trust.

You can also ask for a sign...a really clear one, and then don't talk yourself out of it when it comes. We do that...our brain kicks in with doubt and spoils it all.

(Pansy) Like what kind of sign? Even like a warm breeze?

(barbaramark) Anything. I got a sign the other day and I knew it. It was just a little thing that I noticed in the middle of a lot of confusion, and it made me laugh, so I said, Thank you, angels. It happens all the time.

Doing a gratitude list at night will help you... Every night before you go to sleep, write down at least five things that made you happy or gave you pleasure that day, and know that that was your angels working in your life.

(Pansy) So when things happen and it makes you giggle that could be your Angels.

(barbaramark) Yes....giggles and shivers are a sure way to know your angels are there.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from JUDY:

(judy) When we talk to our angels, does it have to be out loud, or can they read our thoughts?

(barbaramark) I do both. I have chit-chats, or thought chats, or computer chats. I talk to them all the time. I guess the best way for you is the best way for you. Try them all, though.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from NOMOKIDS:

(nomokids6) Hi Barbara, we are fostering baby James& he has condition &multiple haemangiomas& he just saw a specialist yesterday& they are doing a sonogram on his liver and spleen. Can the angels tell me if he will be helped and ok?

(barbaramark) Dear Julie, you have no idea how many angels that little guy has. He was born to be with you, because he has a lot of karma to settle in a short period of time, and he needed a lot of love around him so he could get through it.

His birth mother just couldn't do it, but you and your dear family and your other children will learn much from his presence in your life. He has that love here for sure. You will look back on this as one of the most beautiful times of your life.

Have you read... something George? Not curious George, but a book about a premature baby? It will comfort you much, and I can't remember the whole title.

(nomokids6) Ok, I have been worried.

(barbaramark) You are truly one of God's special mothers to volunteer for this work.

(Jeannie) Big George ...an autobiography of an Angel.

(barbaramark) YES! Thanks so much.

(Jeannie) yw!

(nomokids6) Ok ty. I will look& got it.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from ARIEL:

(ariel) Can you tell me my angel s names, please?

(barbaramark) You are going to love this.... I am going to teach ALL of you how to find out your angel's name.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Oh yeaaaa...party games...haaa!

(barbaramark) First....Close your eyes. (well, you don't have to, cuz then you couldn't read the instructions....) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Take a deep breath...
ASK...Dear angel, what is your name?
The first name that POPS into your head is it.
Believe it no matter what you get.
If you didn t get anything, don't worry about it...
One will come to you soon, and you will KNOW that it is the right name for your angel

(ariel) Thank you&.

(barbaramark) Your kids or grandkids will love learning their angels names this way.

(ariel) thank you soo much.

(barbaramark) Ariel.... what was your angels name?

(ariel) The first that I got was Felix. Is that right?

(barbaramark) Perfect...sounds intelligent and powerful to me... They give names so that we may understand how they work with us better. Lily, would not be one that I would think is powerful... She is loving and feminine and wears a purple and white dress, and has cool hands and a sweet demeanor....

(ariel) Is that another one for me?

(barbaramark) She is one of mine that came to me by surprise not too long ago& Angels come and go, and some of them will introduce themselves to you, but mostly not. They only give names for your benefit. They have no egos, so it isn't important for them to label themselves. They tell themselves apart by their lights.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara, it is true, too, that sometimes the names will sound odd or like gibberish...right? Someone else was asking that question in the back.

(barbaramark) Yes, that is true... The names with no vowels confuses me every time...

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) lol


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) K...haa, thanks. Barbara...the next question is from WW:

(ww) Hi Barbara, I am having a few relationship problems with my son. Can the angels please tell me which road to take to help the situation?

(barbaramark) I am getting that he is a good boy (teen???) and he will grow out of his personality soon. He is an Indigo and growing up will not be easy for him. But as a man, he will be awesome when he can work on his own. Try not to control him. Give up on that...it doesn't work anyway.

ASK him what he is going to do& like what time to come home, etc. Then hold him to his own rule. That will work better with him. He is really a good person. Just being an Indigo.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from MELISAND:

(Melisand) Hello and thank you Barbara. A belated Happy Birthday to You! I would like to ask about Archangel Raphael& Some say he is the protector of those who travel and others say he is a healer...does he do both in the way of these blessings?

(barbaramark) And much more. Why don't you write Raphael and ask him how he is working in your life?

(Melisand) Okay, yes, I am interested in the Archangels.

(barbaramark) We think angels are limited and they are not. They will work appropriately for every situation and person. Get your angels BIGGER and more ACTIVE in your life, and more LOVING and you will find they are the best friends you have.

(Melisand) Thank you! Yes I heard also that he helps with writing, or is that Gabriel?

(barbaramark) Gabriel. Gabriel is the patron angel of angelspeake...so to me he is a writer and teacher. The horn, you know.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from AMETHYST_RAIN:

(AmethystRain) Hi Barbara, it's great to meet you& lately I have been waking up exhausted and have the feeling I have been getting messages from Angels but can t remember them. Is this my imagination or have they been communicating with me... and how can I remember what they tell me if so? Thank You... Love and Light.

(barbaramark) When that happens...waking up tired, go to the computer, or your journal
and ask what happened? You might have been traveling with your angels or learning from them& or you might have been doing some healing work...who knows?

(AmethystRain) Yes& I feel that they were giving me messages.

(barbaramark) But ask them. If I feel like that, I just ask the angels to give me some energy. It isn't fair for them to make me work all-night and all day too. I need a BREAK! lol

(AmethystRain) lol


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is a comment from ANGEL_FAITH316:

(Angelfaith316) I'm telling you the truth just as you wrote, "this is the way we see you" a white tiny feather dropped down onto my desk!!! ... right in front of my eye's and my question was going to be about my eye's. I saw an eye specialist today as an emergency appointment because after a check up, this past weekend the Dr. noticed my eye's not tracking. After this, I feel my Angels with me. Are they?

(barbaramark) Dear one, your inner eyes are becoming so keen, your outer eyes can hardly keep up. Again, ask the angels. I don't get any problem in your eyes themselves. It is a shift in your VISION that you are experiencing. Are you beginning to see interdimensionally?

(Angelfaith316) Greetings Barbara and yes I am

(barbaramark) Sometimes when that happens, you see lights or shapes or colors&

(Angelfaith316) yes

(barbaramark) &and your eyes WANT to see more but can't, because it comes and goes so quickly. Tell your angels to slow down. If you are to see them or something else, they will need to calibrate the atmosphere they are working in, so that your human eyes don't get confused. You are always in charge of every encounter.

(Angelfaith316) They are beautiful&

(barbaramark) Can't hear them? Tell them to speak up! Need more directions? Tell them to be really clear! Cuz you have a tendency to miss things. Give em directions!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is question from SPIRITUAL_ONE:

(spiritualone48) Does everyone have an angel who stays with him or her, their entire life?

(barbaramark) Oh, yes. Every lifetime...your guardian is with you from the first day of the first millennia. Others may come and go depending on what your lessons are or what you need. They take care of it.

But I ask for specific ones at times. Like right now I am asking for the typing angels to help me because my fingernails are too long, and I want to type fast to get more in that is readable. I told you I ASK for everything! hehehe

(spiritualone48) thank you


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is question from TERRIE:

(terrie) Barbara someone asked me&how do I know it is a message from my angel...and not imagination...I thought I knew and now I am confused about it How do we know it's not our imagination?

(barbaramark) So what if it is??? Hmm? Even if we are making it up, the answers come from the highest knowing that we all have. The truth is in all of us. But, I like to think it is the angels helping us. I can tell it is an angel message by the message itself.

If it is loving, helpful, kind, and doesn't poke fun or do harm, then I think it is the angels. You know, Terrie, sometimes people just want to ask questions, so imagination can be inspired by our angel s&right?

(terrie) So true Barbara.

(barbaramark) The angels told me that you can't defend the undefendable. The perfect answer is "I just know."

(terrie) (big sigh)...thank you...

(barbaramark) Yes. Imagination or creativity is definitely inspired by our angels


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is question from NAP:

(Nap) Barbara& could you speak briefly on the significance of the numbers 4:44?

(barbaramark) If you go to the web...Google it.

(Nap) I have done so Barbara, by the way, welcome back!

(barbaramark) Just type in 444 or fourfourfour.com and you will get more than you want to know. Lots of interesting stuff about all kinds of repeating numbers! I love being back, too!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from EUREKADEB:

(eurekadeb) We may be moving to Hawaii. Do my angels agree with this move?

(barbaramark) The question is...How do YOU feel about it?

(eurekadeb) Want it of course. lol

(barbaramark) On a scale of 1-10 what does your heart tell you? If it is a really low number, under a 5 for sure, then reconsider. If it is above a 5...closer to 8, 9, or 10.... You couldn't NOT go.

(eurekadeb) More like a 9 1/2 or above for me! Thank you that was wonderful advice.

(barbaramark) Passion or lack of determines the good of what you are thinking about.
Go for it girl! You are on your way!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is question from RADGUY:

(radguy05) Barbara hi. I am retiring after 20 yrs with the navy. Have my angels have any advice on job opportunities for me. Thanks

(barbaramark) What a wonderful opportunity you have to help God and do what your heart desires. Here might be a good prayer for you as you walk, or breathe, or contemplate...sort of a mantra... Show me the way....Show me the way....I am ready....show me the way. That ought to get something started. AND look for the 8, 9, and 10s. Never settle for less than passion about your work or your wife.

(radguy05) I will thanks, and welcome back


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is question from SPANSL:

(Spansl) Blessings Barbara. My name is Wende, I'm requesting an angel reading, how will my angels help us with our devastated finances?

(barbaramark) Bless you! Many spiritual people are lousy at money. I think its because our humility wants us to be able to work without pay. HA!

(Spansl) LOL

(barbaramark) The angels don't make that rule...we accept it. I have found that most of us are under earners, and don't expect abundance from what we do.

(Spansl) There is comfort in the company&

(barbaramark) We settle for less so that is what we get. The angels want us to be WORTHY of All That Is.

(Spansl) true

(barbaramark) Here is a little test to help you find out how worthy you are. EVERYONE!
Pay attention!

Think of the house you live in.....
That is the best one you allow yourself to have.

Think of the car you drive in...
That s all you ve said you want

Think of the money you make or the job you have.
That is what you have said you need and can do.

Think of your relationship or not...
That is the best you said you want.

That is how worthy you think you are.

Now, think of everyone else in the Chatroom. Do you care where they live, or how much money they make, or what they drive, or who their married to...or not?

No, of course you don't& And neither does God.

We have this thing called free will and all of these things are choices. So Choose BIGGER. THINK BIGGER. ASK FOR MORE HELP. And believe you are worth everything you ask for. If it won't harm you or lead you off your path, there is no reason you can't have the best of everything.

Book title for you... How to Get out of Debt, Stay out of Debt, and Live Prosperously, by Gerald Mundis.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is question from FEATHERWIND:

(Featherwind) Hi Barbara, I am starting a new spiritual adventure in April, and was wondering what guidance my Angels might have for me.

(barbaramark) Awesome and spiritual.

(Featherwind) smiles at that

(barbaramark) Offer your business to the Greater Glory of God and for it to be a Light for your Light work to shine. Ask to help people, to be wise, and to expect an unbelievable profit so you can be there as long as he wants you to be. Don't work too long. In other words&

(Featherwind) ok

(barbaramark) Play as much as you work, and don't forget that family comes first.

(Featherwind) ok

(barbaramark) Balance is the word that will help you be successful.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is question from LEELEE:

(LeeLee) Hello Barbara. How did my Angel pick me?

(barbaramark) Ask him....her....it... I don't know how my angels picked me....

(LeeLee) I see. I will ask thanks

(barbaramark) But I just heard "From LOVE" So that must be your answer too.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next is question from SONNY:

(sonny) Barbara, I have been having neck and back pains. Can my angels tell me if there is anything I can do to alleviate this? It's getting me very down. Thanks for any help!

(barbaramark) Read Louise Hay and find a spiritual body worker who will help you remove the opinion that you are holding in that part of your body. Every pain is part of a thought you have. It is ready to leave, thus the pain. Think of it this way... Who is being the pain in the neck in my life? Settle that, and the pain will go away&


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from SUMMER_BREEZE:

(Summerbreeze906) Barbara - Can the angels tells us what earth changes may occur and how we can prepare for them?

(barbaramark) You won't know. You won't need to prepare. I know of no one who predicted the tsunamis. And what would the people have done if they were predicted?
California is supposed to fall away, but it won't. Not in our lifetime. But if it does, we will all be in the right place at the perfect time. Don't waste your time worrying about the future. Life is perfect today.

(Summerbreeze906) OK. Thanks.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from TE:

(Te) Yes. Last year I had what I considered a near death experience and now I can't figure out why I'm still here...Can the angels offer any helpful clues?

(barbaramark) I think I am going to send you to your angels for the answer to that one, too Te. Let me explain my work a little better. I am a channeler, and I think a really good one, but my REAL JOB is to teach people to communicate with the other side themselves so they can go to the source of understanding that is perfect for them; I don't have YOUR answers or mine either, so I go to my angels for truth and clarity.

Something as wonderful and important as an NDE will change your life totally and you may need their special guidance to help you understand it. That is a very complicated event. You will want to talk to them for the best answers. I could only give you the tiniest bit of what they will tell you. They are your true experts.

Let me tell you what I really would like for you to do... go to our website: www.angelspeake.com and find the telephone classes or seminars we have that will help you find your path. You will believe it more when you find it for yourself. I know that if your angels have sent you to me, it is because I send you to them. It is so wonderful that way.


(barbaramark) I have a final message from the angels I wish to share, Cammy?

Here is the final message they want to give to you....

(Angel channeled message begins)

Dear ones,
You are far beyond your belief of yourself.
We invite you to come to us as often as you can and give yourself to us.
Ask us to help you in any moment for any thing.
Ask us to hold you when you hurt.
And to answer when you question.
Ask us to teach you when you want to learn
And to help you rest when you have learned enough.
EVERY THING in your life is perfect.
Every situation is a lesson, and every lesson will bring you closer to your greatness and to God.
Take time to appreciate yourself.
For you are on track and ALIVE...
and that gift makes you God's child and his blessed Lightworker.

(Angel channeled message ends)

WOW! I am honored to bring the angels to you.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) (Hears the song in her head very loudly) 'Ceeeelebrate good times, com on...it s a celebraation...whoohoo!'

(barbaramark) Good Times!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara, thank you for this wonderful Angel party! You are the best!

For more information on Barbara Mark, her books and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com

(Jeannie) ((Barbara)) Thank You!

(Pink) ((Barbara)) thank you

(afire) ((Barbara)) thank you

(PSAMEA) Thank you for being who you are, Barbara

(tree) thank u ((Barbara))

(Te) thank you

(nomokids6) ((Barbara)) ty so much

(brett) ((Barbra)) that was great!

(moonlight) ((Blessings to you Barbara)) Thank-you!

(winemist) ((Barbara)) ty

(skip) Hi- Very powerful words you just shared in the beginning, Thank you!

(JoJo) You are truly an Inspiration! {{TY Barbara}}

(fairychele) Thank you Barbara mark. I loved the messages tonight...:-(

(radguy05) Thank You Barbara for your time tonight

(sunrise) wonderful...Barbara...ty for being here

(The_Good_Fairy) thank you

(kimp) Thanks so much Barbara!!

(raneem) Thank you ((Barbara))

(Peggy) Thank you Barbara!!

(AngelicMessenger) Thank you, Barbara! God bless you.

(moonthreadz) ((thank you for teaching us tonight Barbara))

(Amy) thank you

(eurekadeb) ty ty ty ty

(lilykate) Namaste to you Barbara, thanks for your Angel wisdom, it has helped me tremendously.

(iain) thank you Barbara for your time and thank you to those in spirit who came, and much love to all of you here.......

(JBrady) Thank You Barbara

(Ava) thank you so much Barbara, good night

(Featherwind) ty Barbara

(Ky-Rose) thanks Barbara

(Rose) Thanks, Barbara, Fantastic!

(PMH) Thanks Barbara for a BEAUTIFUL evening!!!

(MercyHM3) Thanks.

(LR) Thank You Barbara

(spirit) Thank You Barbara, Bright Blessings!!!

(gms) thank you

(Hope) thanks

(Cornelia17) Thank you, Barbara. What a nice evening.

(lottie) Thank you Barbara.....

(Dugg_Jec) TY ((Cammy)) & (( Ops)) & TY ((Barbara Mark)) Blessings! Love & Light

(JumpingRain) thank you Barbara for your time and thank you angels!!!!

(donna) thank you sooo much

(barbaramark) On our website is a menu item called FREEBIES. FREEBIES will teach you to talk to the angels.

(cosmogirl2122) thank you

(La) blessings Barbara

(EarthAngel) Thank you Barbara!! For your time, insight and sharing of self!! Blessings to you!!

(blue33) Thank you ((Barbara)) beautiful words

(Lor_raine) God be with you dear Barbara

(divine_spark) Blessings, Barbara and thank you so much for sharing the beautiful messages of the angels with us.

(Cheryl1) TY Barbara

(gael) Thanks Barbara for what you do in this life.

(Spectra) Thank you my Angels for Barbara....

(KoI) :(( thank you Barbara)) ..... we re blessed to have u with us!!

(Spansl) Thank you Barbara for your insight tonite

(angelsmile) blessings Barbara to you and your family

(Butch) Thanks Barbara. Have a pleasant evening. ta ta.

(Jeannie) Thanks Barbara!!!!!!!

(Melisand) Beautifully done Barbara!!

(Brenda) Thank you, Barbara. It was wonderful!

(Aqua) ((Barbara)) thank you for your wonderful inspiration!!

(SherlockHolmes198) thanks Barbara

(lampy_lou) Love and Light ((BARBARA))

(claire_marie) ((Barbara)) ty so much!!

(Levi) Barbara thank you for the gift of your time

(JulieD) Barbara thank you for a great night!!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more information on Barbara Mark, her books and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com

Session Close: Tue Jan 25 20:29:08 2005

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