"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake Chat Event

Barbara Mark Chat Event February 3, 2004
James Van Praagh Chat Room

Spiritual Changes are Everywhere
With Spiritual Counselor and Angel Expert BARBARA MARK
Author of "Angelspeake" Trilogy and "Heaven & Beyond"
Session Start: Tue Feb 03 00:00:01 2004

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Good evening everyone! I wish to thank each and everyone of you for joining us. Tonight we welcome back one of our favorite guest speakers... an incredibly loving, gracious, generous and gifted lady. "Angelspeake" author and expert on angels...BARBARA MARK! Welcome Barbara...

(barbaramark) The Angels and I are happy to be back with you again!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) lol. For those who are new to the idea of angels...you are in for a GREAT treat tonight. For those who are 'into' angels...you, too, are in for a treat. As we all know, our world is going through many changes that effect us all and tonight, Barbara will be sharing with us her understanding, from her angels, of the Spiritual Changes happening in our world...and how we can be a positive part of that.

Barbara is a nationally known teacher, lecturer, and spiritual counselor. Her popular Angelspeake workshop was featured on Good Morning America and Leeza.. Her workshop is currently being presented on PBS stations throughout the U.S. Barbara and her sister, Trudy Griswold, are co-authors of the Angelspeake Trilogy and Heaven & Beyond. For more information on Barbara Mark and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com.

And now...I give to you...the wonderful Barbara Mark...

(barbaramark) Are you all feeling out of sorts? Horribly headachey? Tired, tired, tired? Cold? Can't sleep? You are NOT ALONE!!! The changes are everywhere! And they are still going to be coming! It is not easy to work for God, but we have been called, and we answered "YES!"

The reason so many of us feel down and tired, is because we are all like little babies, and we are growing, growing, growing. The day isn't long enough for us to rejuvenate from the drain we are all experiencing. Don't loose hope, cuz everything should feel better by Easter, for most of us.

The reason we are feeling so 'all shook up', is that after the Harmonic Concordance, which was in Nov., we started traveling like crazy in our sleep. It is like we needed to go and get a PhD in angel school, and they have been working with us to prepare us for the new energies we are going to be working with.

It is funny that we feel so out of energy, when we are actually getting a lot more, but the imbalance is what we feel, not true exhaustion. For those of you who have been sick, don't despair. That is part of it too. I was sick with something for a month, and yet I didn't feel horrible,
just out of my normal space.

Be very patient with yourselves, and allow the new energy to flow THROUGH you, rather than fight it. Take hot baths, if you like them...but that will open your pores, and steam your lungs. Hot Tubs are perfect for this. Our inner and outers are being cleansed, and as we open up, the steam will cleanse the inner us as we let the angels balance the outer.

It is hard to explain because it is different for each person, but I have so many people call me and say, "WHAT IS GOING ON....I NEVER FEEL LIKE THIS!" This, too, shall pass. Keep in close contact with your angels. You have new ones coming to you. There is nothing, that feels worse, than having angel/shifts. That is when you have moved into a new realm/dimension, and your angels change to help you create new space.

Ask your angels what their/his/her name is.... it may be different than you thought. To find out your angels name.... Close your eyes.... Take a deep breath.... And ASK it what its name is. The first name that pops into your head is it. Be prepared to meet new names and new energies.

Also, they are telling me to tell you that if you have been feeling 'heavy' or 'out of sorts', ASK for JOY GUIDES to accompany you during the day. They are the fun ones, and will help you see things you normally might not, and will even tell you jokes. They will help you feel better. Also, one more thing... Ask your angels to recommend the right foods and vitamins to help you out. That will keep your chemistry happy.

Here is how to talk with your angels... ASK them to come to you.......BELIEVE they will show up....... Let them TEACH YOU....... Say THANKS for WHATEVER HAPPENS...... You are your angels work, and they will love to have you invite them to be with you and to teach you. We have taught thousands and thousands of people to use their angels to have a happier life, and you can too. Just ASK..... BELIEVE..... LET IT HAPPEN..... and SAY THANK YOU.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...could you possibly share with us some other changes that will be happening? Will your angels share that info with us, or what we can expect...look for?

(barbaramark) Remember how it was right after 9-11? When everyone was full of fear...

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) yes

(barbaramark) ...because they didn't know what the future held? That was a very scary time. Well, we are still feeling the residual of the fear. So do what ever makes you safe. Now, I was not in NYC for that day, but I felt as if I was in some ways, but.... I asked my angels what I should do and how safe I was. They assured me that I was in the right place, but that I should prepare as if I was waiting for an earthquake. To be prepared.

I took that very seriously, and I stocked up like crazy... way more than what I needed, but it got me to thinking, that if we are at war, and our politicians are doing things we don't understand, that I needed to FEEL safe. So I got water, some food, batteries, etc. All the things one would need for hard times..... And you know what? I immediately felt less scared. I could handle anything if I knew that I wouldn't starve, or not have any way to cook, etc. I took care of myself.

Now, as light workers, your angels are telling you to take care of yourself so you can help others. You are the ones who will be teaching about God's love to those who aren't sure there is a God. There are still lots of those around. We are not people who sit and wait..... we are Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Leaders, etc. and have special work to do. This is the time of change, and I believe that we are not being told of what is to come in a specific way because we would get scared.

The angels say it is not to be scared that they are warning us..... but to be prepared, and to ask our angels what we can do to help. Did you see Oprah's documentary on Africa?

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) yes

(barbaramark) If you didnt, watch it on the reruns! Her mission is our mission ABSOLUTELY! To keep the children safe, and to love them, and feed them, and to help them. They are our leaders of the new millennium, and it is our duty to be THEIR angels. You will know what to do. You will just feeeeel it inside of yourself. You will not be able to NOT do what you are being called to do.

Get together with your spiritual friends, and take notes of how you can prepare, even though you may not have been called yet, but do it anyway. Your angels are guiding you through inspiration as you talk to others. We did a little thing on our website... The MONDAY MORNING MESSAGE from the angels. People love this because it gives them a task to do for the week, OR it gives them something wonderful to think about. It is like I am just me, but I have work to do and God is guiding me to do it. Wonderful.

Another thing the angels are telling me to tell you... Talk to GOD himself more. There is a special-ness in talking to God that is like no other energy. Mother Mary is very busy. Also the saints, and angels you never heard of. They will come to you with ideas of what and when to do what you need toI will now take your messages...

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) We have some wonderful questions for you Barbara.

(barbaramark) I'm ready....


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara, the first question is from SOMEONEWHERE:

(someonenewhere) What if you feel like you have been asking, but you seem to stay in the same direction, no new answers.

(barbaramark) I am going to sound flip perhaps, but when I was doing that, the angels told me to ask different questions. They had nothing new to tell me.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from LA:

(La) Is it better to write to your thoughts down on paper for the Angels, as opposed to speaking to them?

(barbaramark) You can do both. Little things, like finding a parking place...just think it. But for BIG THINGS like finding my perfect partner...I write it down.

(La) Ok thanks!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from KATESOULKISSES:

(katesoulkisses) A friend asked me today how to know true guidance from the angels/God when she hears two different things. I told her to ask for verification - signs. How do you know?

(barbaramark) I just give it time. Often I don't understand the answer.
I may think I do, but after time passes, I can see that I was totally off in what I was expecting. I want to put my own touch on the answer. You are not going to know the total picture until time has passed.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from SANDANGEL:

(sandangel) Are there different "levels" of angels, and are they noted by colors like with auras?

(barbaramark) Yes! I love the idea of themselves that angels have given me. We can tell them by their energy. Angels have angels, and angels angels have angels. All the way up to God. I am introduced as an angel expert, but I am not. I am the kind of person who doesn't know many angels names.... I just ask them what theirs is. If I am ASKING, I tend to just ask for Angels of Flat Tires....send someone to help me, etc. I don't want to know every angel by name. I just want to know the ones I work with.

Thank you Barbara.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from ETTY:

(etty) Does the fact that new angels come to us, mean that we will have MAJOR changes in our personal lives or to the world in general?

(barbaramark) They will feel like major changes, because the energy will shift and we won't like that, but in truth, it is probably just a progression of events that we have just noticed, or has gotten uncomfortable. Change is not a happy thing for humans.


(barbaramark) I cannot believe the Energy here. I feel like I have a fever. It is magnificent!!!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from SPIRITUALONE:

(SpiritualOne) Are angels healers?

(barbaramark) Yes they are. It is one of their primary things to do. Heal, Teach, Guide, keep us safe, etc.

(spiritualone48) Thank you.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from POJO:

(Pojo) Do we have ONE specific angel that stays with us always?

(barbaramark) I am told that our Guardian is assigned to us on the First Day of the First Millenium... so that is a looooong time ago. Others come and go as we need them, or according to what our lifetime requires. But believe your own angels when you ask them about yourself. They know you best.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from WANDA:

(Wanda) Should we ask the angels their names, etc, right before we go to sleep? Do they come in our sleep, or when we are awake?

(barbaramark) Wanda, you can ask your angels anything at anytime. They will always be there when you need them, which means, don't ritualize your relationship with your angels. I don't use incense or candles, or music, etc. I just ask them to come to me, and they always do.

(wanda) Are angels spirits from this life that we have known?

(barbaramark) Angels are angels. They are the part of God that does the work. Your dead gramma comes to you with such love that she may feel angelic, but technically she is a spirit guide.

(wanda) Thank you


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from JACKIE:

(Jackie) My son, who was 31, was killed suddenly two years ago while crossing a highway. He was struck by a car. Why wouldn't his angels have helped him?

(barbaramark) My dear, they were surrounding him taking him to heaven. The angels tell me that the soul leaves the body just before the event that is called death. On our website, there is a wonderful reading on the Archives page, that was written by Fr. Mychal Judge after 9-ll. He was a Franciscan Friar, who was killed while giving last rites to a fallen fireman. Please go to www.angelspeake.com and find it. It is the most beautiful explanation of death and what happened that day I have ever heard. It will help your heart, Jackie.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from CURIOUS ANGELS:

(CuriousAngels) Is there a way to clear the mind chatter, to try to better communicate with, or hear your angels?

(barbaramark) Yes, tell them to quiet down, and help you hear better. Sometimes they all talk at once, too. You are in charge.

(CuriousAngels) What if it's 'my' mind chatter?

(barbaramark) Mind chatter comes because you are not writing.

(CuriousAngels) oic

(barbaramark) The message itself comes with the writing of it. It is amazing.

(CuriousAngels) Thank you...I'll definitely try that.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from LENABELLE:

(Lenabelle) Barbara....the angels I have always seen...are always wearing white and look very young and beautiful....there is one that is like a 15 years old girl....do they chose the way they present themselves to us?

(barbaramark) They present themselves like we need to see them. Sometimes they will look quite scary, too.

(Lenabelle) I always see them white and radiant....

(barbaramark) You are comfortable with that form, so they come like that.

(Lenabelle) ...I was amazed the first time.

(barbaramark) They are trying to show themselves to you in a way you will understand.

(Lenabelle) Yes... they use energy...colors...a lot of pink and orange...and blue

(barbaramark) ...what they do. Michael and his sword, shows he is a warrior. Your 15 year old, is like an innocent who is coming to you in that way so you will feel that innocent kindness and love. It just works.

(Lenabelle) : ) Yes it did!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from WINGS:

(wings) Hi Barbara, what to you think about Angel Oracle cards? Can you rely on the messages you receive?

(barbaramark) The angels will come through all kinds of media (ums). I love the cards.

(wings) me too

(barbaramark) They are beautiful ad put me in a frame of mind, that I am willing to receive in. I like the computer the best, and because I write to the angels so much, I am getting quite adept at getting messages from them.

(wings) I have 3 different decks that I use all the time...

(barbaramark) I trust my own reception the most because, I am the best at it.

(wings) true

(barbaramark) Use what is protected, and you can ask your angels what that is....

(wings) ok

(barbaramark) The Ouija board is not a protected source of information for me. But the Tarot is...

(wings) I'm afraid of Ouija boards...

(barbaramark) ...and so is the I Ching, but I don't care for it because it is so slow and complicated. I like to just chat with them.

(wings) me too


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from CSHELLI:

(cshellj) How can you tell if it's an angel that has granted you something nice, or it's just your lucky day?

(barbaramark) There is a difference? Anything that is good, I just KNOW it is from the angels. There is no luck. There are no accidents. There is Divine Right Action, however.

(cshellj) I am learning to speak to, and trust the angels. I am kind of a novice at this.

(barbaramark) Not for long. You can get adept at angelspeaking really fast. Just write.

(cshellj) I will...thank you.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from PATSY64:

(patsy64) If you wake at 2.22am is there a significance to the number sequence?

(barbaramark) Well, I sure think so. My number is 11:11. I see it every day at least once. Or maybe 1:11....

(patsy64) Well what's my number?

(barbaramark) ...that is the vibration I work with, I am told. You must be a 222 kinda gal. Ask your angels what it means to you.

(patsy64) Sure beats me. Thank you.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from PITTYPAT:

(pittypat) Would you explain more about writing to our angels?

(barbaramark) You ASK, BELIEVE, LET IT HAPPEN, and SAY THANK YOU. Just sit down and ASK for your angel to come to you. Write what you know to write. Say thank you for whatever happens. This may sound simplistic, but I was asleep when the angels woke me up and said, "Get a pencil and paper and we will write to you!" I said "NO." I didn't believe is such a thing...at least not for me. But they nagged, I did, and now I write books they have guided me to write. What an amazing road they have led me down. They WANT to teach you and answer your questions. You work for God, and His angels are going to teach you how.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from RADGUY04:

(radguy04) Are Angels winged, or is that just a human interpretation?

(barbaramark) Good question radguy04! Winged Angels were in all cultures long before writing. I think it might have to do with the energy around them. It is so strong in the 'back' area, that it looks like wings, but in any case, some do and some don't.

(radguy04) Thanks.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara that is all the time we have for tonight.

(barbaramark) Can I give the group a reading of love from the angels?

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Yes, that would be lovely!

(barbaramark) What I am typing is now from the angels...

Dear Ones,

Be steadfast in your knowing. Do not doubt your path. We are with you and are guiding you to your perfect place. No matter what it may seem like, you are going to be doing more in this lifetime, than you ever have in any lifetime you have ever lived. This is a time of GREAT EVENTS and God is running all of them.

You only need to be willing to do your part, and you will be told what to do. Some of you may only pray. Others may weep for the children with no mothers. Others may adopt those motherless babies. But all of you are special, and all of you are needed at this time in history. Just be willing, and you will be led.

Your angels.....

One more thing from me, our website is www.angelspeake.com and we have a newsletter that comes out twice a month, PLUS the Monday Morning Message, PLUS schedules of up and coming events. You can sign up for the e-letter in the drop down box on the Home Page.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Thank you sharing another incredible chat event with us, Barbara. For more information on Barbara Mark and her work, please visit her web site at http://www.angelspeake.com.

(Wendy) Thank You so much for sharing with us all tonite Barbara!

(Jeannie) ((Barbara))

(topaz) Excellent chat, Barbara - Thank You!!!

(barbaramark) I love youse guys. You asked GREAT questions!

(seking) Thank You Barbara. God Bless You for your work!

(Tanjeena) Thank you!! Peace, light and Love...

(Pink) ((Barbara)) thank you so much

(CuriousAngels) Thank you Barbara for sharing your time with us and answering my questions. I'll try what you suggested :)

(tigger) Thank you Barbara, God Bless you!

(MMnO) Spectacular information Barbara Mark, thank you for coming and sharing with us tonight! What a treat it's been! :)

(sandangel) {{BarbaraMark}} Blessings to you!

(greeneyes) Barbara thank you so much for tonight!

(rosa) Barbara, thank you for your wonderful messages from the Angels!

(Lenabelle) Thank you Barbara! Blessings!

(louise) That was wonderful Barbara, thank you and bless you!

(katesoulkisses) Thank you for being here Barbara.

(radguy04) Thanks a lot!

(PMH) ((((Barbara)))) you were wonderful!!

(Pojo) Thank you.....

(NYlight) Thank You Barbara

(Debi_^i^) ty Barbara

(les) Thank you and nite Barbara

(lilly) Thank you Barbara

(music) thank you, Barbara

(brwneyedgurl) Thank you Barbara peace and love

(Inergi) Thxs Barbara so much. I just found out my angel is a lady called Daneil thx to this chat, I'm a guy and I have a lady Angel Woot! 8) Thxs Ops for your help, and thxs again Barbara and thxs to your Angels as well for the guidance too!

(LovingEssence) Thank you Barbara, Bright blessings!

(sugarsugar) (\0/) thank you

(owl529) thank you barb

(joann13) thank you very much Barbara

(Twink) Thank you Barbara & angels!!!!

(sage) Thank you..

(bbb) thank you, Barbara

(Angel4) thank you Barbara take care Love and Light

(spacingrose) ty Barbara

(islandgirl) Thank you Barbara! Blessings to you

(nothernrainbow) thank you Barbara Mark. I will be visiting your website. I learned so much tonight

(Sandi) I loved your book Barbara!

(sunshine_) thank you Barbara and all the angels

(wings) Thank you, Barbara!

(Chuckb) Wonderful chat. Good night

(Athena) Thank-you Barbara

(shorty) ty Barbara

(shaylene) thank you Barbara

(MyAngelInHeaven) Thank you Barbara

(windwisper) thank u and blessings

(Becks) Thank You Barabara

(Brenda) Thank you, Barbara! :)

(Barbara) Thank you Barbara.

(fAiThYbOy) Thank you Barbara.

(Clytie) Thank you Barbara.

(PSAMEA) ty Barbara and {{Op's}}

(ginny) thanks Barbara

(lynn) thank you Barbara-God bless.

(sasha) thank you Barbara

(pennylane) Love to you, Barbara and thank you

(patsy64) Thanks you

(JChris77) God Bless You Barbara and everyone here

(LL) Thank you ...

(Summerbreeze_906) Thank you Barbara

(Natalie) I felt the love and energy too. Thank you for bringing us all together tonight.

(nas) thanks

(lasalle) thanks Barbara

(etty) Thank you Barbara

(AngelPup) Thanks, Barbara. Nice hearing from you again. I took one class and look forward to more. :) Good night!

(Laughingwater) Thank you so very much Barbara

(dreamcatcher^1) Thank you (((Barbara))) and the (((angels))) x Blessings x

(pittypat) Thank you and our angels

(lcl4596) Angel Blessings, Barbara!

(Iris) Thank You Barbara for giving us your time this evening.

(^i^Halo) LOVE AND LIGHT ^i^

(happy235) thank you

(someonenewhere) thank you

(p38) Thank you and god bless you

(kesnan) Thanks for the enlightenment, Barbara.

(Usent4me) Thank you Barbara, for 'you and the angels' love and blessings!

(skwf) Thank you Barbara. You've given me a lot of clarity about angels. God bless you and yours.

(menlow) well done Barbara Mark, very visionary..........some cool ideals! Its good to see you again, until next time, thank you. Amazing energies!

(barbaramark) We hope you will visit our website. It is www.angelspeake.com

Session Close: Tue Feb 03 23:23:02 2004

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