"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake Chat Event

Barbara Mark Chat Event February 14, 2006
James Van Praagh Chat Room

Loving Messsages From The Angels  With Inspirational Speaker BARBARA MARK
Author of the "Angelspeake" Trilogy and "Heaven & Beyond"
Session Start: Tuesday, February 14 17:31:53 2006

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Hey, hey...Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Wow...what a loving group we have tonight as we gather on this special day of love! And we are sooooo excited that our VERY favorite friend, Angel Author Barbara Mark, is here to help make tonight truly heavenly. Welcome back, Barbara!!

(BarbaraMark) My happiest pleasure. There are many reasons to be happy today!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) To celebrate this special day of Love, Barbara Mark is giving us a heavenly party where she will channel her angels and shares their messages with many in attendance!

As with all her many other chat events, Barbara is the best and really gives so much to everyone here!!! I hope you will check out the CHAT LOG page and enjoy reading the logs from her past events.

Barbara is a nationally known teacher, lecturer, and spiritual counselor. Her popular Angelspeake workshop was featured on 'Good Morning America,' 'Good Day New York' and 'Leeza'.

Barbara and her sister are co-authors of the 'Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels' and 'The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing.' For more on Barbara Mark, her books and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com

And now...I give to you...Barbara Mark!!!

(BarbaraMark) Welcome! I say it, the angels say it, and the organizers say it, "Wherever two or three are gathered together..." etc.... IT WORKS! There are so many angels here, I think you each brought all you had, and this first message will be from them to you for this special day:

Dear Ones,

The most loving thing you can do for yourself is to let us help you with your life. Help us by asking for it and believing we will send you the help you need. When you ASK there is much set in motion.

1. You become clear on what you decided to ask for.

2. You connect with us in a type of prayer that creates energy between you, us... and what you are asking for. This energy becomes a funnel to you, to bring to you what you want to do, be or have. Then let us do our work

3. Yes, LET it happen.

There is no need to tell us how to do the work you have requested, we have ways of knowing if it is a good thing or not, and will help you if it will not cause you harm. Many times people ask for help from us with the worst possible outcomes most likely to occur. Thus you say nothing happened, or that we didn't hear you.

We hear EVERY request you have ever made and with our overview, we also look for timing, possibility, good chance, and goodness. Do not expect every request to be granted. It cannot be, because then all your angels would be like little Santa Clauses, bringing you your every request.

And think about it... even little children do not get everything you want for Christmas; You would not be a good parent if you did so. In your wisdom you know what is a good gift and what is not. It is the same with us.

Do not, however, cease asking because you think what you request is bad or un-good for you. ASK us for everything, so matter how unobtainable you think it is. We are the final arbiters of that.

The requests you make that you think you won't get are the ones that often are the easiest for us. Ask, believe, let it happen and finally.... say THANK YOU. This is the way to work with us and to set up the energies that help you most.

You are our work. We love you and your intentions (asking) is our command. Be sure of it. God bless you this evening, for the very thing people want most is to love and be loved. But first you must believe it when we tell you that every soul is lovable and is waiting to remember that it is true that every soul who seeks a love can find one.

Perhaps not in the way you THINK you want, but certainly to be loved truly, faithfully, and enduringly. The nature of God is LOVE and if he is LOVE and you have been created in his image, then there is no reason you cannot know perfect love.

Tonight we will help you on your way to that truth. God bless you..... Love bless you...
It is the same. Questions Please....

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Thank you, Barbara and {{Angels}} we have some wonderful questions for you!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the first question is from HONEY:

(honey) Hi Barbara , I have read your book, have tried the writing, I believe in angels, but still can't seem to connect!?!

(BarbaraMark) Honey, it is more than likely that you are trying too hard. When you ask your angels a question, it is much...

(honey) Maybe

(BarbaraMark) ...like this event.

(honey) ok

(BarbaraMark) You ask the angels for a response to a problem, and they will send it to you. You do not have to hear it in your ears...though some people do (not me).

(honey) I have been trying to do that.

(BarbaraMark) I hear the response in my heart. Also, a trick is that the answer comes often as you are writing.

(honey) ok, I see

(BarbaraMark) It will not come and then you write. You start with the first words and continue, one at a time, and your reply will build. We have created some booklets that are available at a very reasonable rate...

(honey) I do think I'm trying too hard...

(BarbaraMark) ...for people to get some hints as how to write to their angels. Our website has them available.

(honey) I enjoyed your book!

(BarbaraMark) If we can teach thousands and thousands of people to write, and we had no training when the angels woke us up, you can get a message too. Good Luck!

(honey) Thank you, & bless you.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from BJEAN:

(Bjean) Over a year ago, I saw an angel next to my bed. I wonder if you could tell me why the angel came. What if any messages you get about that appearance to me? Thank you.

(BarbaraMark) I got a message today about why some see angels and some don't...

(Bjean) ok

(BarbaraMark) In your eyes, there is a blind spot that you may know...

(Bjean) yes

(BarbaraMark) ...about if you have ever had an eye exam. This blind spot is not so much blind, the angels tell me, but different.

(Bjean) ok :)

(BarbaraMark) And when you see a presence out of the corner of your eye and when you look for it, it is gone...

(Bjean) Yes, I do all the time.

(BarbaraMark) That is called Spiritual Vision.

(Bjean) Ahhh beautiful.

(BarbaraMark) Now, I believe whatever the angels tell me. They also talked about rods and cones, which are part of the visual experience (I don't know a thing about...

(Bjean) ok

(BarbaraMark) ...eyes, but I do remember hearing about them), and when these parts of your vision are aligned in the correct way, you can see interdimensionally. Some people do it easily.

(Bjean) yes

(BarbaraMark) Others not at all...or at least are not aware they do. So when you see a spirit guide or angel, everything has aligned just right so you could have the experience.

(Bjean) nice

(BarbaraMark) I have never seen an angel full face on, because it is not necessary to see one in order...

(Bjean) beautiful Barbara, thank you. :)

(BarbaraMark) ...to communicate with one. But many times I have seen colored circles, or lights, or a presence out of the corner of my eye...

(Bjean) and is there a special reason why we see them?

(BarbaraMark) ...what you saw was a gift of spiritual vision and the angels tell me...

(Bjean) ...out of the corner of my eye yes, and focused in on it yes.

(BarbaraMark) ...that you were particularly going through a hard time then, and they came to comfort you and to let you know you were important and lovable.

(Bjean) Ahhhhhh that is nice. :)

(BarbaraMark) Isn't that awesome?? Bless You....

(Bjean) very :) bless you. Thank you, you make me smile.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from MCBETHIE:

(mcbethie) Barbara, thank you for being here. My question is this: The angels stated they are "the final arbiters" of whether something we ask for will happen or not. How does this play into the concept of God granting us wisdom and healing and all knowing truth? Who 'does' what, so to speak?

(BarbaraMark) Oh dear...

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Haaaa

(BarbaraMark) I will answer what the angels are telling me...

(mcbethie) lol

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) mcbethie stumped the angels...haaa

(BarbaraMark) Angels are the part of God that does the actual work.

(mcbethie) hehehe

(BarbaraMark) They can only do what God wants them to, and if we used our free will to buy something stupid and wanted our angels to help us get it, then it probably wouldn't work. Like the time I asked for a Jaguar.

(mcbethie) lol

(BarbaraMark) I asked so nicely, I believed, I let it go...but nothing happened. Finally I asked the angels that if it was no problem to get a nice car like...

(mcbethie) Yes, I am always talking about the separation of free will and acts of spirituality...

(BarbaraMark) ...a Jag, why hadn't I received one? They said that getting the car was no problem at all, but they couldn't send me something that was going to cause me fear or harm, and I really couldn't take on a Jag financially at this time. I would be afraid of the big payments, the big insurance, the big maintenance, etc. So then they asked me what my second choice was. I downsized immediately!

(mcbethie) LOL

(BarbaraMark) And am driving a wonderful Nissan Altima that I can afford and doesn't give me fear and worry.

(mcbethie) I understand.

(BarbaraMark) 'No' is for our Greater Good, not for any other reason.

(mcbethie) okay


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from ROO:

(Roo) Hi Barbara, does it hinder our angels if our partner is not necessarily a believer in them working for us?

(BarbaraMark) I hope not! Another Barbara story, if you don't mind.... The angels had told me and many friends and family that there was going to be a man to love coming into my life. I didn't like to hear that because at the time I had my life arranged nicely, and I didn't want to rock my own boat with a relationship.

One day as I was thinking about a man in my life I said, "Angels, if there IS supposed to be a man in my life, please hurry and bring him to me, because honestly, I am getting out of the mood."

(Roo) lol

(BarbaraMark) And then I forgot about it. Several months later, as I was walking OUT of my building, a cute guy was walking IN. He lived on the 2nd floor and I lived on the 3rd. We had never met till then....but we have been together ever since.

(Roo) how nice

(BarbaraMark) Love comes when love comes with whomever it comes for. Now the point is.... he doesn't believe in angels at ALL....

(Roo) No he believes in angels...

(BarbaraMark) But he does believe in Parking Places, and that has made him very tolerant...

(Roo) ...but not necessary as having angels to guide us.

(BarbaraMark) ...of them. So I do my angel work, and his work is to love me.

(Roo) lol, so it would be ok for me to ask the angels to give him a nudge?

(BarbaraMark) It works...we respect each other's believes and don't worry about the rest.

(Roo) ok ty

(BarbaraMark) Just as long as a NUDGE isn't manipulative or controlling....


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from ALB:

(alb) Barbara can you ask my angels how much more time, more or less, until my mediumship comes to its full potential? Thanks guys.

(BarbaraMark) Your angels are saying to BELIEVE and PRACTICE! You are waiting for something out there to come into you. No, no, no. Your mediumship is already there. Practice by writing your angels. That is mediumship. You are connecting with the other side, and your techniques will get better and clearer.

(alb) ok

(BarbaraMark) Just remember this...

(alb) yes?

(BarbaraMark) Nothing will be in your head BEFORE you start the reading. The information comes WHILE you are talking or writing.

(alb) ok!

(BarbaraMark) I don't know if my mediumship is at its full potential or gift,

(alb) I understand...

(BarbaraMark) ...but I just keep writing the angels, and I take down or say what they are telling me to say. You are really...

(alb) practice makes perfect

(BarbaraMark) ...much better and more advanced than you think you are.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from GABY:

(Gaby) Hi Barbara, I'm having a problem concentrating. I feel this is preventing me from understanding/receiving answers from my angels. What do the angels advise?

(BarbaraMark) I will tell you the same advice they gave me once... "Dear Child, we could work with you so much better, if you would put your head in a drawer."

(Gaby) lol, what does that mean?

(BarbaraMark) Yes, I too tried to figure it out. Just write. Don't think about it so much. When you use the word...

(Gaby) ok

(BarbaraMark) 'concentrating', I know you are in your head and not in your heart. Read your feelings, not your brain.

(Gaby) thank you

(BarbaraMark) Try typing on the computer with your eyes closed and see how that works.

(Gaby) I will give that a try

(BarbaraMark) Also the booklets may help you get over some of your blocks.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from SANDRA:

(Sandra) I'm just recently opening myself up to my angel. How can I learn his/her name?

(BarbaraMark) Ask him/her. They tell you. For right now, take a deep breath...

(Sandra) I've asked, but no response that I've noticed.

(BarbaraMark) and just ASK your angel what its name is. Then the FIRST name that POPS into your head is it. Kids do this really well.

(Sandra) Thanks.

(BarbaraMark) Some names may sound sort of stupid to you or you try to think of someone who died who might have had that name. Just accept what is given. It usually comes right away, but sometimes it will POP into your head, the next day while you are doing something else. BELIEVE


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from TRANQUILITY:

(tranquility) Can my angel please help me with my current problem with my fiancé...lead me in the right direction?

(BarbaraMark) Yes. They can. And what would that be?

(tranquility) He abandons me from time to time, like tonite.

(BarbaraMark) Hmmmm? Do you want to commit to a man who abandons you?

(tranquility) I'm due to give birth any day.

(BarbaraMark) He is an abandoner. One who abandons is an abandoner. One who lies is a liar. One you abuses is an abuser. Your angels have been telling you in every way possible that this man is not reliable. BELIEVE what they are telling you.

(tranquility) ok

(BarbaraMark) ASK them for help in making a positive decision for you and your child.

(tranquility) ok Thank you

(BarbaraMark) Let them show you how to go to a safe place. You are not safe where you are. Your angels are telling you this, tranquility.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) {{tranquility}}

(BarbaraMark) You will need to make some difficult decisions because God loves you and is sending his angels to help you and protect you. Use your power of choice wisely!

(tranquility) ok

(BarbaraMark) This is a harsh but true reading, and you have already known what you are to do, but have been afraid. Trust your angels. I love you, dear Mother. Love your child by taking him to a safe place.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from LENA:

(Lena) Barbara, it's such a blessing to have you here tonight. I would love my angels to give me guidance in this very particular time in my life. I am going through many changes and sometimes I feel anxious, especially about my career. Anything they could help me with? Love to you:)

(BarbaraMark) Here is how to make a choice/decision. Think of your job and how you feel in your heart about it. On a scale of 1-10...

(Lena) I am staring a new career...as a massage therapist... I would say... 10 :)

(BarbaraMark) ...with 10 being that you are the happiest you could possibly be there, and a 1 meaning the most miserable, and 5 being OK. Where are you? The closer to a 10 you are the more right the choice.

(Lena) I love the career I have chosen...I am just anxious about all the possibilities.

(BarbaraMark) You can do this with anything...buying an outfit, going to a movie. Now if you are a 10 about Massage, then you have chosen a good career for yourself.

(Lena) I want to help people feel better...

(BarbaraMark) Your passion will carry you forward, and of course ASK the angels for clients, business, etc.

(Lena) ...I would LOVE to become a healer.

(BarbaraMark) That is admirable, but first you must feel the BEST about your work. Then that energy/passion will help heal the people who come to you. The reason you have the passion...

(Lena) yes

(BarbaraMark) ...is because it is your work to do. Passion = Path = Purpose....
Trust this.

(Lena) thank you much


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from LILYKATE:

(lilykate) Hello Barbara, thank you for being here. I've read many books that have suggested that God loves us and wants us to have abundance. How do the angels of abundance help us with our requests for financial assistance?

(BarbaraMark) There is a Law of the Universe that is called the Law of Attraction. It is a wonderful law that basically says what you put out you will receive. We teach a teleclass on it and I think the next one is around the first of March. It is easy to learn to use, but old habits and thoughts like "I am too dumb..." "I don't deserve..." "It isn't polite..." and many more keep us stuck. Working WITH the angels is really easy.

(lilykate) So if we give to others we will get back what we give?

(BarbaraMark) In a way. That is what Angelspeake is all about.

(lilykate) So is this teleclass on your website?

(BarbaraMark) The times are...or will be very shortly. Mostly it is what you THINK and SAY will dictate what you receive. Many things the angels ask us to do take practice of a sort. Mostly it takes changing our minds about how to do something.

(lilykate) So gimmee, gimmee never gets is not a good motto? lol

(BarbaraMark) If I keep saying "I'm stupid," how can I ever feel smart enough to advance in any way?

(lilykate) Thank you. I will look up and the teleclass and how to attend.

(BarbaraMark) Again, it is working with ASK, BELIEVE, LET GO, THANKS that makes a big difference, but there are other things you can do to break bad habits, that work.

(lilykate) Thank you and the Angels so much.

(BarbaraMark) You know it seems to me that mostly everything I used to think and do BEFORE angels is 180 degrees different than how it's turned out to be. First of all, it is easier than I used to make it.

My favorite prayer these days is, "Angels, take care of it." Because honestly, I just don't know if this choice or that one is the best. When I ask them to "Handle IT!" the greater good is always there for me.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from MEGAN:

(megan) Hi Barbara, I have been getting alot of messages/tingling on different parts of my back and on the right side of my face. Can you tell me what I can do to understand them, and is it my angel trying to let me know they are there?

(BarbaraMark) Yes, your angels are trying to say, "Hi!"

(megan) Oh thanks, just hi?

(BarbaraMark) You are all probably too young to remember the Inner Peace Movement which was popular in the early 70's. They taught that those shivers, tingles, touches, were different angels, and that they were trying to communicate by touching you in different places, said who they are.

Today, that seems rather complicated to me. I would rather just ASK them, but try to find out which ones touch you and where. It worked for me then, but I have given it up since I write and talk to them so easily today.

(megan) Thanks!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from LOOKING_FOR_LOVE:

(looking_for_love) When I was a small child, I named every doll "Susan", yet I had never known a Susan yet. Could that be the name of my angel?

(BarbaraMark) BINGO! You win the prize. Not only that, but often the Invisible Friends that children have are angelic presences. Children have interdimensional vision until they are about 7 and then they get to be like the rest of us. Though Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows, we are told are not losing their gift of "sight". The world is definitely changing.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from RCG:

(rcg) I have been reading this event with Barbara from the beginning. I'm an artist. I finished a painting of an Archangel and Cupids and another called "Out of the corner of my Eye" (wood nymphs and fairies). Odd coincidence or connection?

(BarbaraMark) Coincidence is an earth word for Miracle.

(rcg) Can you explain more?

(BarbaraMark) You have the gift of sight and drawing/painting what your inner sight tells you. That is a wonderful gift. It is like the gift of music. Some people just have it, with no struggle. My gifts are more with angels than anything else. Others might have the gift of telepathy, or clairvoyance.

(rcg) It was so shocking to me that you used the verbiage ...that are about my paintings.

(BarbaraMark) We have what we need to do the work we are born to do. ASK your angels what your gifts are about, and what you are supposed to do with them.

(rcg) I do everyday and it comes to me.

(BarbaraMark) WOW! I think it is wonderful to channel artwork, Leonardo and Michael Angelo did, and so can you.

(rcg) I know Barbara. Thank you.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from DISHES:

(dishes) Hi. It's a pleasure to be here with you. I was wondering if my angel would be helping me find a boyfriend? God bless you, Barbara.

(BarbaraMark) Finding a boyfriend is not about seeking. It is about being. BE your highest self.... the person you like the most. Not phony or controlling, but just a nice person you can admire. One time some people I wanted to like me called me a Phony B...H. It hurt me terribly, but it...

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) LOL

(BarbaraMark) ...was then that I began to look at myself differently and became more real. Sometimes it takes something like that to get us to pay attention to how we are acting. So...just practice being a lovable, capable, caring person, and you will attract a boyfriend who is perfect for you.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from CML:

(cml) I have trouble remembering my childhood memory's is there a way to ask the angels to help me remember them?

(BarbaraMark) How important is it to remember them?

(cml) Well most of it I remember is bad?

(BarbaraMark) If you are in therapy, I guess your therapist could help you bring them up, but for what purpose. My kids remember all the bad stuff, too. One time they asked me why I never had any birthday parties

(cml) I was wondering if it would help others?

(BarbaraMark) for them. OMIGOD! All that work!! All that cooking and balloon blowing...and they don't remember!? I love them anyway...

(cml) Thanks


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...the next question is from PAULINE:

(pauline) Hello Barbara, I wanted to know how to sense the difference between an angel and my guide? Bless you.

(BarbaraMark) You probably won't know. There are so many different energies and angels and guides and gurus out there...

(pauline) okay ty.

(BarbaraMark) ...it is very confusing. I just ask them. Or I used to. Now I just know that the right one is there for me...whoever it is.

Cammy, the angels have a closing message...is it okay?

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) YES...please! We love their messages...


(BarbaraMark) Dear Children of God,

Our teaching for you to remember is that God made you perfect. He made you just the way you are, so you could do the work you were born to do. When you are raised in a hurtful environment or one that doesn't support your perfection, that truth is often forgotten.

Lessons to be learned may also stand in your way. There are many difficult lessons in your life. But if you ask for our help and believe we can help you, and then leave the problem alone so we can do our work, then you will find that problems will transform into solutions.

Many of you have been born into homes of abuse, addiction, or neglect. God knows this, and admires your choices to learn the most that you can in this lifetime, but also remember he has sent every angel in heaven to help you learn from the pain of those homes.

You are setting a standard today for a new awareness in this world. You are bringing in more real LOVE than has ever been on earth before.

Some of you are destined for great works, while others may help through prayer and sacrifice. But remember that each one of you is important in the plan of the earth at this time. You will learn to get over the pain of human life. Those of you who are volunteers this lifetime have asked for more difficulties than others, but know all of you.... It is perfect.

You have help available. And when you need to feel LOVE... PURE LOVE, then ask for you angels to come to you in peaceful times and to let you know somehow, that what you are, and who you are, and how you are... is PERFECT.

(BarbaraMark) Wow you guys just got a dose of good stuff from your angels... BREATHE it in. Thanks for having me. My life is better than it was...

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) (inhaling)

(BarbaraMark) an hour and a half ago!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara, everything you share gives our hearts so much love. What a wonderful Valentine's gift you have given to each of us...thank you! For more on Barbara Mark, her books and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com

(Lena) ((Barbara)) you are delightful! Thank you so much for your time and energy.

(Dee524) Thank you Barbara, Namaste, & Thank you too Ops - Namaste to all!

(lottie_in_love) Thank you for your lovely messages and your wonderful insight...blessings...and thank you to the Angels also.

(Gaby) Thank you sooo much Barbara, great advice!

(Dolly) Outstanding, Barbara! (\o/) hugs to you!

(skip) Thanks for sharing your gift of encouragement!!

(helena) ((Barbara)) ((Angels)) thank you so much for answering all my questions in your closing statement ... Now I truly know my answer is ... I was carried thru! Xoxo

(RobertH) thank-you Barbara

(marvida) thank you Barbara. I will believe!

(megan) thank you Barbara! :)

(dlcrabby) Thank you Barbara Marks...your words ring so true. Your insight is a true inspiration.

(tranquility) Thank you so much.

(cml) Thanks you Barbara, the angels gave alot of help and understanding.

(alb) ((Barbara)) Thank you!

(gael) Barbara thank you for keeping us in the knowledge that our angels are there for us and we CAN reach them...many blessing to you.

(rabes) It was great. Thank you Barbara.

(lilykate) WOW thank you so much Barbara, your openness to God and the angels is an example to follow.

(NewMoonRising) thank you Barbara

(PJ) Thank you Barbara ... the closing statement meant so much to me...

(Bjean) ((Barbara)) Beautiful words of love...breathing in all in! :) Thank you sooo much.

(Riel) thank you Barbara

(Mysticdreamer) thank u Barbara

(flippernog_in_love) thank you Barbara

(birdmom) Thanks so much Barbara

(Sita) Thank you Barbara for being here today! I came in during the questions and found a couple of mine had already been asked and answered...thank you so much. Love and Light to you!!

(Bedelia) Thank you Barbara. :)

(spirit) Thanks Barbara, Bright Blessings!

(divine_spark) It was a PERFECT Valentine's Day, thanks to you and the angels, Barbara

(OhLena) Thank You Barbara Mark I really enjoyed myself tonight. I have to start coming back more often. You have a wonderful Valentines Day!

(Little_Fawn) ((Barbara)) thank you!

(luvsangels) Thank you ((Barbara)) ((Angels))

(afire) Thanks so much for coming Barbara

(RobertH) Barbara. Sleep with angels

(Beth) Thank you Barbara ((love and hugs to you and all the Angels))

(dcambios) thank you Barbara and goodbye to all

(Peggy) Thank you Barbara!

(prissysissy) Thank You Barbara, Cammy, Op's and JVP for the website. Love to all of you and Happy Valentines Day!

(Bluemoon) I had so many questions answered just by reading the others. Thank you Barbara for being here tonight! God Bless You.

(heythere) Joyful Valentine Day to the loving Angels!

(dishes) Thanks Barbara....

(Siramedo) thanks to Barbara and all the angels that helped with this event. Love&shine...

(looking_for_love) Thank you, Barbara... now I finally know why I was so adamant about naming my dolls Susan!

(imir) thank you Barbara

(Moonvibes_of_Love) Thank you Thank you Barbara and Happy Valentine's Day to you :)

(LaLonnie) Thank you Barbara lol Happy Love Day- And Thanks To Your Angels

(OhLena) Happy Valentines Day to everyone here tonight... and God Bless you all!

(somegrl) Thanks Barbara so much you and the angels are beautiful !!

(lindared) thank you Barbara

(Gaby) Thank you again Barbara, Happy Valentines Day to all and Good-bye!!!!

(dishes) have a great night, Barbara and god bless u. ((Barbara, Cammy and room))

(Lena) Barbara...you are a lovely lady

(Dream_Weaver) Thank you sooo much Barbara, Ops and JVP... what a wonderful gift you have given to us tonite!!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) I urge you all to read the past logs from Barbara's chat events on the CHAT LOG page...in those logs she discusses who your angels are, how to contact them, the differences between guides and angels, how to find out your angel's names...all sorts of general angel info! Enjoy!

(Bitsy) Thank you Barbara! God loves you!

(Jeannie) Great Event Barb as usual! Okay all ... it is off to sleep with those Angels here. Sweet Dreams to All...and to all a Blessed Night!!! :)

(LaLonnie) Good night to all Happy Love Day And Blessings To All

(lilykate) awesome Barbara thanks for sharing

(pauline) I had a nice time sharing in this event with you all....good night and smile :)

(gael) Happy Valentines Day to all the ops, Barbara and all JVP's chat friends...love and light to all....

(BarbaraMark) Thank YOU for all your thanks! You are wonderful and I have felt most welcomed!

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Angelspeake with Trudy Griswold

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