"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake Chat Event

Barbara Mark Chat Event May 4, 2004
James Van Praagh Chat Room

How To Work With Your Angels Using "The Four Fundamentals"
With Spiritual Counselor and Angel Expert BARBARA MARK
Co-Author of "Angelspeake" Trilogy and "Heaven & Beyond"
Session Start: Tue May 04 18:03:08 2004

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Good evening everyone, it is so very nice to have you here tonight, as we welcome back with us one of the most wonderful guest speakers... "Angelspeake" author Barbara Mark.

(barbara_mark) Hi Angel Friends!! I am proud to be with all of you!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) We are sooooo very honored to have Barbara Mark here with us for a third chat event. I encourage you to visit the CHAT LOG page to enjoy logs from her past two amazing events as well.

Tonight, Barbara will be speaking to us on "How To Work With Your Angels Using "The Four Fundamentals."

Barbara is a nationally known teacher, lecturer, and spiritual counselor. Her popular Angelspeake workshop was featured on Good Morning America, Good Day New York and Leeza.

Barbara and her sister are co-authors of Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels and The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing.

For more information on Barbara Mark, her books and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com

Because I KNOW her angels are raring to go...haaaaa...I will now give to you Barbara Mark!!! It's all yours!

(barbara_mark) HELLO! I will start by getting used to typing today.... and will give a sweet prayer from the angels for all of you,

Dear Children of God,

We are with you tonight as we have been all day.
We have gathered all of you specifically to hear
what is to be said that you may be aware of
what is to happen in your lives, and to receive
the healings we will be sending you.

There are several of you here who are very ill, and
we say to not lose hope. The diseases and illness
that have been showing up in your world are mostly
a symptom of the unrest that is all over the world.

By being ill, or in pain, you are doing your part to
alleviate earth's karma, which is being shown to all
that you may understand how your earth feels. There
are diseases coming that have no history. Saars seems
to be one of the newest one, but you will hear about
many more in the next few years.

If you get such a disease or any other, for that matter,
you are helping heal the world. As you recover, so
shall earth. You cannot see that today, but as the
world feels, so also do its inhabitants.

Do not be afraid, just be aware. Light workers feel all
pain deeply. As you have volunteered to help God during
this time, you will also be part of the reconstruction
of the spirit of earth. Keep praying for knowledge of
God's will for you.

You are all healers. It is strange but healers seem to get
ill often. Why? Because you feel so deeply. Take heart,
your gifts are being noted and we are with you. For every
ache you have, you are helping someone else with the same
affliction. It is as though you bear the pain for them.

Not all souls have the advantages you do, to be strong and to
believe. Trust, Trust, Trust and know that you are part of
the beginning of the beginning, but in order to begin, you
must burn out the old and grow the new. Look at the fires
in California as symbolic of what is happening.

Why? Because Californian's have been bad? No. But in such a
way and in such a place, the earth is suffering in order to
grow anew. Nothing happens in one place without affecting
the all. Pray for all who suffer. You are all one.

Blessings, Your beloved Angels

This is Barbara now... I want to talk a minute about how you can work with the angels in order to do your work more easily, and fearlessly. If you are afraid, it is often other people's fear you are feeling. When you are sensitive, and gifted, and a light being, you will feel many things, and you don't know how to access the angels wisdom to clear yourself or to ask for help for what you need or desire.

The angels are waiting for you to contact them. They need your invitation. Here is how you do it. ASK for them to come to you. Be specific with a question, or be specific with the type of angel you want to come to you. You, perhaps, might want the angels of healing to help you if you are helping someone who is ill. I am asking at this time for the angels of car repairs to help the mechanic fix my chugging car. You can never ask for too much or too little.

Next, you BELIEVE that your angels are with you and you are worthy of their help. Our own poor self esteem says that we are not, but we are! People have said to me (believe it or not), that I am not holy enough to have the angels talk to me as they do. I say back to them, that the angels came to me first! I didn't even really believe in them when they woke me up.

I want to remind you that if you are here, you have been chosen to be here. The third step is to let it happen, or let go, or to LET GO AND LET GOD. After you have ASKED and BELIEVED, then let God and His angels run the show... YOU stay out of the way. Be patient. Finally BE GRATEFUL for whatever happens. The result is always for the Greater Good, and even if you think it should have been your way, if it is not, then it is not the best way in the long run.

This is how you work with your angels?.

We call these the FOUR FUNDAMENTALS, and the angels never tire of teaching us about them. For every living thing on earth, it is the same process.

Cammy, I am ready for any questions.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Great Barbara! The first question is from PATCHOULI;

(barbara_mark) Hey Pat!

(patchouli) Barbara, could you please tell me how many guardian angels I have and what is/are their names?

(barbara_mark) This will seem fundamental, but you have as many as you need. Here is how you find out their names....

(patchouli) Ok...

(barbara_mark) Everybody can do this and you can teach your kids who their angels are too. They love this! Take a deep breath. In your head, ask 'Dear Angel, what is your name?' Or, 'Dear Guardian Angel, what is your name?' Then the first name that POPS into your head is it! That is the one who wants to communicate with you today.

(patchouli) I will try. Thank you so much, Barbara. That was lovely!

(barbara_mark) You have others, but this is the first one who will help you tune your 'radio',so to speak.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from NAP:

(nap) Barbara, who would be the angel to pray to for help with healing addictions? Thank you..

(barbara_mark) I guess you could ask any angel to help you with that....You might try St. Jude...since he is the patron saint of impossible causes. LOL. Addictions are diseases, so ask for the Highest HEALING ANGELS to come to that person...

(nap) Thank you Barbara...

(barbara_mark) ...to help him/her heal. And then you go to Alanon and learn about the spiritual path that you are on and how you can help yourself. Living with an addict of any type, albeit drugs, work, sex, food, whatever, is just as much a spiritually painful event, as what the addict is going through.

(nap) So my angels can assist me as well with my own portion of this journey...


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from POJO:

(POJO) Hello, I've had a problem with my knee for 6 months, and can no longer do my job. Drs don't know why it's hurting me. Any advice or suggestions from the Angels?

(barbara_mark) Dear Lady, you are going to love this answer....

(POJO) (big smile)

(barbara_mark) ASK YOUR KNEE!

(POJO) lol, how?

(barbara_mark) Every piece of life has consciousness. Even pieces of your body. The angels tell me that if you have a pain somewhere, there is a corresponding opinion that goes with that body part...

(POJO) Sorry, I'm lost

(barbara_mark) ...that is now ready to LEAVE! So whatever opinion is being held in your knee, ask what it is and then let it go. Release it. Pain is good because it is a sign we are getting more strong and ready to do our work for God. You can't believe how well this works. Try it.

Here is how... ASK your knee why it is hurting. BELIEVE IT WILL ANSWER YOU (or the angels of knees), LET IT COMMUNICATE with you so that you can get an answer. Write down what you are receiving in your heart/inner knowing/etc. Say thanks for the message and follow the truth of the message. It will tell you what to do. Isn't THAT EXCITING?????? There are no accidents, that is for sure.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from COOKY:

(Cooky) Have angels lived as humans before they became angels? Could someone we knew in life become one of our angels?

(barbara_mark) The angels tell me that technically angels are angels, but since they are part of God (just as we are) they can do what they are told to do. However, if your dear Grandma has died and appears to you, you may think she is your angel because the love she is showing you is so much stronger and purer than it was when she was alive.

I just take the love I get from the other side and enjoy it. If I wonder if a being or message is coming from an angel or a spirit guide or a deceased loved one, I just ASK them. They will let me know.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from JENKNEE:

(Jenknee) Barbara, firstly thank you. Just as I had thought I was alone I felt angels floating around me. My question is this. I know that I have been chosen to do something, but I feel that somehow I am blocked to their teachings.

(barbara_mark) There are many ways the angels teach you. Sometimes it is very obvious, sometimes more subtle. Here is what my sister Trudy and I have found.

In our work, we find the beginners (who are fewer than they used to be, there are many, many enlightened people out there these days) and then we find those who are very gifted in some way, but who do not know how to use their gifts, or how to connect with their God or Angels to access the way to their future/path and feel stuck, lost, often afraid, but mostly enormously passionate about finding their work.

I remember how it was for me. I thought that I was going to feel this incredible calling (which I didn't have a clue what it was) and I would miss the 'point' of my life. This was a real fear! At that time of my life...Late 80's.... a great Channeler in Phoenix told me that I had my spiritual vision, I just didn't know it jet. OMIGOD! What did that mean?

I walked around like a duck looking for a worm, seeking out my 'spiritual vision'. It was three years later when the angels woke me up. But if the truth be known, I still dont REALLY know what my spiritual work is because it keeps changing. And so it does with you, too.

My suggestion is, to follow your path by doing what shows up. The next obvious thing... and if you need a buddy, or a coach, ASK your angels to help you find one. Trudy and I coach and we never would have thought that would have shown up. When the students are ready the TEACHER appears.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from MAKENA:

(makena) I wonder if my angel(s) have been trying to contact me. I have been waking up almost every night at the same time & I start thinking of angels but I do not get up maybe because of laziness or disbelief. Are the angels involved in my waking nites, or just am I going thru the process of 'old age'?

(barbara_mark) You bet they are! I was awakened at 4:30 the first time...

(makena) wow!

(barbara_mark) ...(maybe 444?) and they still wake me up,.

(makena) not, 111?

(barbara_mark) They do that because they can get your attention then. I get up now, go to the computer and start writing...

(makena) 2:30

(barbara_mark) ...what I am receiving. I get the best messages. TRY IT!

(makena) What do they want me to do?

(barbara_mark) Don't be afraid. It is awesome. On our website, www.angelspeake.com under FREEBIES...

(makena) ok thanks

(barbara_mark) ...we give the formula with the 4 Fundamentals on how to write your angels. Angels know how OLD you are...they just know when you are READY.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from HEATHER

(Heather) I have a weight problem I just can't fix, it's mental not over eating, a block from childhood abuse, how can I fix this?

(barbara_mark) Food is just as much an addiction as booze. If you are 'over' anything... food, booze, etc. I always tell people to go to a 12-Step program like Overeaters Anonymous or whatever. These are Spiritual Programs, and when we learn that all disease has a spiritual basis, then we need to cure it spiritually by going to God to help us. 12-Step Programs are not about religion, they are about following a spiritual path.

(Heather) That's the part I just can't get right.

(barbara_mark) Go to the web and look up 12-Step Programs and you will find more than you can believe.

(Heather) thank you


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from NYALPHA:

(nyalpha) What is the difference between the function of your angel and your guide?

(barbara_mark) Well, sometimes that is hard to say. I would ask them. But here is probably the best answer. They are both love, and they are both here to teach and assist you. So, I often don't know. I used to care a lot, but now I just know that who comes to me is who I need to teach or help me and I don't worry about it. Guides seem to have more strong personalities. More teaching.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from QUIET1:

(quiet1) Ever since heart surgery, I have had a hard time doing even the simplest things, I have to literally fight myself to do anything, wasn't this way before. Can you advise?

(barbara_mark) Dear Julie, am I the one to ask! My sweetheart just had a quad bypass, and it is a very difficult thing to live through. Bless you....and all of you here tonite...send a gift of love zooming to Quiet One.

(barbara_mark) Dear Lady,??? hmm or GENT??? Ask your heart why it has chosen this way to teach you. You have been given a great gift of having a broken heart that can be healed, you angels are telling me. They are saying that the tiredness is not because you CAN"T do things, it is so you will go within to the source of YOU to find your truth.

You have been given the gifts of patience, kindness, and LOVE, and where else but in your heart do you feel these things? You are NOT broken. Your heart is being strengthened. If it has been a short while, then it will get better with time. If it has been a long while, your angels are saying?..

(quiet1) this has been going on 5 yrs?

(barbara_mark) ?..that you are to be still and listen to God within you. Also I am getting that in a past life you were separated from your true love who your family thought was inappropriate. He was sent away (killed). Your heart was broken and you were sent to an abbbey/convent where you could not talk.

(quiet1) I'm a man

(barbara_mark) You may be a man this life, but in that life you were female. This way you have more power and more say about what you can do You are healing from that horrible life. ASK for the angels to teach you about it. You are going to be fine. This is an "intermediate" life for you, meaning...after a difficult lifetime, you are in a better place, but are still having to deal with the residue of the emotional pain of the last one. Pray for quick learning of the lesson.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from AVIRTUE:

(avirtue) Barb, can u share a short prayer with us...one we can say to help with healing of mother earth and all its habitants?

(barbara_mark) Id be happy to. This is from the Angels to you.

Dear God and Angels. Please help me to be in the right place at the right time with the right people so that I may help you and do the work I was born to do. Let me not miss anyone who is in need or want or fear if I can help them. Bless me, God, and show me your way. Amen.

(Jeannie) AMEN!!

(barbara_mark) Hey, I liked that one!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) lol

(barbara_mark) The angels are HOT !

(avirtue) amen..so it may be so!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara, that is all the time we have for tonight. Once again, we are THRILLED that you shared such a wonderful event with us. Special love to your Angels, too! They are the best!

(barbara_mark) Let me invite everyone to www.angelspeake.com

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) yes...For more information on Barbara Mark, her books and her work, please visit her web site at http://www.angelspeake.com

(barbara_mark) We have lots going on, and classes coming up, etc. Check us out.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barb...did you want to do a closing prayer??? I dont want to step on your Angel's toes, there, Barb...haaa

(barbara_mark) When my kids were little and I would say that...who wants to pray thing, my son always said RAH RAH!! YEA GOD!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) lol

(barbara_mark) That sums it up for me.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) wonderful!!

(Kelley) God Bless You Barbara

(Cherael) Barbara, I love your books thank you for your precious time

(Jeannie) Thank you!!!!!! This was a GREAT Event!!!!!!!! Went by too quickly though!!!!!!!

(sandangel) {{Barbara Mark}} thank you for sharing Blessings to you !!

(angelglow) Amen Barbara!

(JulieD) great night as always Barbara

(katesoulkisses) Hello Barbara dear - it was such a pleasure being here with you and all the other guests!

(KallieghGirl) Amen

(greeneyes) Barbara? What a great night, thank you so much. Blessings to You. XO

(patchouli) Wonderful Sharing, Thank you, Barbara !

(luv146) Thank you so much Barbara!

(eve) ty Barbara for a most enlightening event it went so fast. ((Barb and Ops))

(Twink) thanx Barbara

(Pink) ((Barbara)) thank you

(lcl4596) Blessings, Barbara!

(Lena) amen

(shorty) thanks barbara

(NYlight) Thanks Barb :o)

(Daz) Thanks Barbara

(barbara_mark) You are most welcome.

(njo323) Thank you Barbara...I enjoy the emails from you...very enlightening...

(makena) Thanks Barbara!!!

(KUMA) Thank you Barbara

(afire) Thank you ((Barbara))

(buggs) Amen...Barb.....and God Bless

(nyalpha) Bless you Barbara

(Aventurine) Thanks Barbara

(Kara) ty Barbara

(Kat13669) Thank you

(megan) Thank you Barbara

(PMH) Barbara..Bless you!

(lynna20032000) ty Barb?.lots of love to u

(Aqua) Thank you for a wonderful evening Barbara!!

(Lena) Barbara You are a doll!

(barbara_mark) SIGN UP: for the Monday Morning Message on our website.

(joanne) thanks!!!

(lucka) Thank you Barbara

(kab) Thanks Barbara God Bless

(PUREH2o) God bless you Barbara.

(pickles) Thank you Barbara. I have already been to your site and love it, love and light to you

(tigger) Barbara your books are wonderful, thank you

(makena) I'd better get up and listen to my angels & write. Ignoring it is not good, right Barbara?

(barbara_mark) You can ignore them as long as you can stand to be awakened every night. They are real! They nag when they want to talk to you!

(skwf) Thanks Barbara. Your prayer was perfect.

(greeneyes) Barb You did a great job tonight Thank you, you touched my heart.

(barbara_mark) Well, my grandkids call me Gramma Angel. They probably see them better than ANYONE. Also I think they see auras. Its like they don't look right AT me, they look just to the edge of my hair?

(Cherael) My grandson sees his Angels

(barbara_mark) They must see inter-dimensionally.

(Jeannie) Barbara...children see MUCH better than we do....as do Animals!

(barbara_mark) Email asktheangels@angelspeake.com That is where we will answer any of your questions. Nite!

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more information on Barbara Mark, her books and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com

Session Close: Tue May 04 19:34:39 2004

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