"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake Chat Event

Barbara Mark Chat Event July 29, 2003
James Van Praagh Chat Room

How Angels Work In Your Life With Angelologist BARBARA MARK
Author of "Angelspeake" Trilogy and "Heaven & Beyond"

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) WELCOME everyone!! Tonight, we are soooo very blessed to have with us a most remarkable lady...BARBARA MARK. For her event, Barbara will share with us HOW ANGELS WORK IN YOUR LIFE.

Barbara Mark is a nationally known teacher, lecturer, and spiritual counselor. Her popular Angelspeake workshop was featured on Good Morning America (ABC-TV), Good Day New York (Fox-TV) and Leeza (CBS-TV). Her workshop is currently being presented on PBS stations throughout the U.S.

Barbara and her sister, Trudy Griswold, are co-authors of the Angelspeake Trilogy and Heaven & Beyond. For more info on Barbara, her books and her work, please visit her web site at http://www.angelspeake.com

Barbara...Welcome...we are honored you are here with us this evening.

(barbaramark) The angels have entered...thanks for having us...(and me too).

This is awesome fun! My favorite thing to do ...talk angelspeake. Just a bit of background... the angels woke my sister and I up in 1991 and told us to take down their dictated messages. We were overwhelmed by the results and our lives are different than we ever thought it would be.

After about a year, we were told to start teaching people how to talk to their angels and we have been doing that ever since. Wherever two or three gather together...you'll find us sharing what the angels have taught us. So everything you receive tonight, is in some way what the angels taught us over the years. Who has a question


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The first question is by InfinitysDove.

(Infinitydove) How do I know when my Angel is talking vs my own mind chatter?

(barbaramark) Good question. You don't always know, but there are 3 or 4 signs that it is them and not you.

1. They use the 3rd person most of the time.
2. They talk differently than you do.
3. They love to use words in pairs or threes for emphasis.
4. When you read them the next day, you don't remember what you wrote.

Just trust that it is the angels and NOT YOU. Acceptance is the most important part.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Lexi:

(lexie) what's the difference between an angel and a spirit?

(barbaramark) Angels are the part of God that does the work. They told me to teach one time that God is like the HUGE firework that makes all the noise. The angels are the sparkles that come from God. I liked that.

Spirits are beings who may or may not have lived on earth, but have come to help us in some way. They are not angels, but they love us so much and are such good teachers that it is easy to confuse the two. Abraham Lincoln could be a spirit guide today, but technically he is not an angel.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from YvonneChristi:

(YvonneChristi) Is there a way to know when an angel is around us?

(barbaramark) Absolutely! Ask your angel to touch you! At some place on your body, you will feel a tickle or a touch that gives shivers or a bit of a thrill feeling. They touch you all the time. They have been touching you since you signed on. Anyone feel it?

(YvonneChristi) I've heard about seeing a coloured light out of the corner of ones eye?

(barbaramark) Yes, you can see colored lights.

(YvonneChristi) Thank you Barbara.

(barbaramark) That may be a spirit guide or an angel, but for sure you know it is a force that is here to be with you. There is so much help for us all the time and those who have the gift often say they saw something out of the corner of their eye.

One time I kept seeing a mouse running through my house (out of the corner...etc.,) and I finally asked the angels why I kept seeing a mouse? They told me they had sent me a mouse cuz my apt. wouldn't let me have a cat. Angels love to make jokes.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Valentine:

(Valentine) Angels were never human beings, were they??

(barbaramark) No they weren't. They are the part of God he sends to help us. I think of it as a sort of "downsized" God because he is really too big to understand. Your deceased gramma might feel like an angel because after she goes to the other side she is so full of love for you, and that is ok if you think of her as your guardian angel, but technically, she is not an angel either. The way you can tell is that they act, feel, smell, etc like them. I never doubt it when someone I love comes to me. I just KNOW!

(Valentine) Thank-you, Barbara.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...if you would, could you briefly explain if there is a difference between spirit guides and angels, to your understanding.

(barbaramark) Cammy....Angels are angels and are the part of God he sends to us to help us. Spirit Guides are teachers who may or may not have lived on earth, but are also here to help us.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) We are getting many questions wondering if there is a difference between guides or angels or just a different word for the same thing.

(barbaramark) There are 3 different MAIN groups of beings we can connect with on the other side.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Great...tell us about the main groups, if you would.

(barbaramark) Angels, Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones. There are zillions of categories of each, but the angels said not to confuse it too much and just to know that this is enough to know.

Remember, every being in the universe has an angel or more to help it. Even angels have angels. I love the part in the Talmud that says, Every blade of grass has an angel that tells it to grow, grow, grow. Angels are with everything and everyone. As they are needed, they show up.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Di:

(Di) My angels catch my eye with numbers = 111, 222, 555 etc is that to get my attention - then what should I do, other than acknowledging them?

(barbaramark) I look at that as if the angels are giving me a pat on the back. Sort of like a heavenly wave.

(Di) Not a message , just a pat?

(barbaramark) I see 11:11 and 444 a lot. They say that it tells me at what vibration I am operating right now. A signal, if you will. Remember, the angels ARE part of God...so they are carrying our prayers to the source of all that is.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Grneyedlady:

(grneyedlady) Where are the angels when we are praying to God?

(barbaramark) Angels and God are inseparable...they are both the divine universal energy that keeps everything flowing.

(grneyedlady) my father has cancer....we've prayed for so long but he keeps getting worse....his faith is weakening, where are they?

(barbaramark) The angels are right beside him helping him in every way they can. We have written a book called Heaven & Beyond that explains what they are doing, and how you can help. Even though we don't always understand why someone would chose to have their life end like your father is, the angels know that it is a perfect choice for the lessons he is learning and they are constantly with him and your family.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from OfGrace:

(OfGrace) Do angels ever come down to earth...in earthly form to help us? I once had someone enter my life exactly when I needed them, they stayed until I was healed and then vanished. It seems angelic to me.

(barbaramark) I believe angels come to earth. I hear stories all the time of people being helped by someone who disappears after they are helped. I can't always understand how it works, but I know it does.

(ofgrace) I truly believe it! This person appeared as an angel! Thank you Barbara.

(barbaramark) Do you want to learn how to talk to your angels?

(ofgrace) YES

(barbaramark) There are 4 Steps to talking with your angels (or spirit guides or deceased loved ones):

1. ASK for the specific being you want to come to you.
2. Believe that he or she or it will come to you and that your angels are protecting you and surrounding you with love.
3. Let it go or Let it happen...meaning don't try to figure it out.
4. Say thank you for whatever happens. Don't take it away from yourself.

To find out your angels name, ASK....Believe....Let it Happen (the first name you think of is it)....Say thank you. Your angels want to come to you more than you can imagine. There is not a soul in this chat tonight that isn't on earth to do special work, and the angels are here to make sure you do it.

(ofgrace) thank YOU.

(barbaramark) Whatever your gift is, there is an angel teaching it to you, enhancing it, and giving you opportunities to use it. You are all loved, special, and blessed.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Doggymama:

(doggymama) If the angels are always around us and here to help us, why is there so much misery in the world?

(barbaramark) For lessons, of course. If there weren't lessons to learn, there would be no reason for us to be born. Lessons are inherent with life. This is a duality/polarity planet and we are going to learn about both sides of every coin, good and bad.

(doggymama) But do the lessons have to involved such suffering?

(barbaramark) We choose our own lessons, so if we have to suffer, that is what we choose to do. The angels told me one time that everyone thinks that life is a tight rope that we are going to fall off and miss the point if we don't be verrrrry careful.

The angels say, No, it is not a tightrope. Our life is like an 8 lane highway that is well lit, and every angel in heaven is helping us walk along it. It is just that some lanes are under construction, and that makes the going tough once in awhile. Be patient with your life. How you live isn't personal. Its how we gain perfection. In fact many people who have the toughest lives end up helping the most people.

(doggymama) Thank you, Barbara, what a beautiful explanation.

(barbaramark) Back to the angels names? Try this with your kids. They get the BEST names!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Wings:

(Wings) Barbara, is using Angel Oracle cards a good way to communicate with your Angels?

(barbaramark) I like the Oracle Cards a lot.

(wings) Me too!

(barbaramark) Here is how I use them: I pull a card for the day, then I write my angels and ask," Dear, Angels, please teach me why I received this card and what you want me to know about it."

Then I type or write down what I receive in my heart. They always give me a wonderful message and it helps me through my day. Any time you ever have a question about anything... a dream, a problem or a thought, or question, go to the angels first for an answer. They are the BEST at
analyzing dreams!

(wings) Thanks!!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from DRK:

(Drk) When I was a teenager, I had an angel appear to me, and give me a warning, and to this day I haven't been able to find out what type he was. Are there certain types of angels? Do they have a specific jobs?

(barbaramark) There are angels for everything. The best thing to do is to ask your angels who he was and what type. My work is to help you connect with your own divine team of helpers so you can have your questions answered any time you have a need. Angels abound....if I have car trouble...I ask for the car angels to help me. The grass angels have helped my daughter put in her lawn. Ask Ask Ask!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from JeanieC

(JeanieC) DO Angels really have wings?

(barbaramark) Some do, some don't.

(Jeannie) Barbara....MANY have asked...WHAT do Angels LOOK like.....

(barbaramark) I guess they dress for us so we can understand them. lol. Actually, angels come in so many shapes and sizes from little teeny fireflys to great big OMIGOD angels, that they appear in the best way we can accept.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from nabicki718:

(nabiki718) What if you've done bad things in your life? Will your angel leave you? Do they ever leave you?

(barbaramark) Your angels will NEVER EVER leave you. They do not judge you or scold you or abandon you.

(nabiki718) do they become disappointed?

(barbaramark) Angels, like God, are PURE LOVE and you can count on them to be there any time you need them. One of their duties is to PROTECT you. Another is to LOVE you, and also to BE WITH YOU ALWAYS.

(nabiki718) That's great to know, thanks :)

(barbaramark) They will never leave you and will come at the breath of need.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Cath:

(Cath) Do Angels have free will like human beings?

(barbaramark) No, they tell me that they can only do God's will. Free will means that they have choice between good and bad or hot and cold or whatever polarity is available at the time. As part of God, they are only love and cannot choose any other mode. Even their work is done at God's will.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from forjr:

(forjr) Have you ever experienced GOD, like felt you were communicating with him directly not through the angels? Is that possible?

(barbaramark) Yes, it is. I get messages from God when I ask. Most people start with angels, but any time you want God to come to you, he is available. Just ASK, Believe, Let it Happen, and Say Thank You. The first time God came to me I about fainted, but his love was so pure and his strength was so helpful, I knew I didn't need to be afraid. The truth is, as human beings we can't believe we are worthy enough for angels or other beings to come to us at all. The angels come to us to teach us we are worthy of All That Is, and they will teach us how to connect with out fear.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from bopobessa:

(bopopessa) You mentioned that angels WRITE to communicate with you. Is there anything we can do to have our angels/guides write to us?

(barbaramark) Absolutely! That is why I am here. Our book Angelspeake teaches it thoroughly... but all you have to do is get a pen and paper, take a deep breath, and ASK your question. I use the 'puter, cuz the message usually comes so fast that I can't write fast enough. Then write down your question. Or just start with, 'Dear Angels, do you have anything you want to teach me today?' Then write what you know to write.

There is a voice in your inner knowing that will tell you what to put down, and as you type or write, you will find that it makes sense. Keep going. The messages evolve as you are doing the writing. We have taught (my sister and I--Trudy Griswold) thousands and thousands of people to talk to their angels, and so can you. Sometimes people make it harder than it is, but if you just keep it simple you will get a message.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Karin:

(Karin) Can we change angels if we don't like them???

(barbaramark) Sure. Just ask for another one. They don't have egos so you can't hurt their feelings. I had one one time, that all he/she did was to tell me how much he/she loved me. Now that was nice, but after awhile, I wanted a little more "meat" to my question, so I asked for another angel for an answer. It's okay


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from dustball:

(dustball) Why do people get pennies from heaven? Are these from our angel? What do they mean?

(barbaramark) Oh, I love pennies from heaven (My sis found a $20 bill in Grand Central Station once...WOW It shows that everything comes from God and he is supplying our every need. I put all my findings in a special box and keep it in my feng shui abundance corner. Amazing how many eventually add up.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Simple Abundance:

(simple_abundance) Barbara ..I was wondering ..what did you do for a living or what was your life like before the angels woke you and changed your path?

(barbaramark) I was on unemployment. I had just moved to San Diego from Wyoming and was scared to death. I was working as a temp from time to time, and didn't necessarily believe in angels...not for ME anyway. When the angels came to me, I asked after a week or two when I was going to get a real job...They said I wasn't. I worked for God now.

(simple_abundance) What a pleasant change for you ...thank you for sharing...lovely!

(barbaramark) OMIGOD...I about fainted on that one! I didn't want to work for God. I wanted $10.00 and hour and benefits! Then I'd work for God. Needless to say, my human being self didn't like that at all, but I do work for God, and it has been pretty good. HEH HEH


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Suewech:

(suewech) How can you know that it is a Good Angel answering your questions and not the other kind trying to mislead you?

(barbaramark) Because I believe I get what I expect. I work with God's angelic kingdom, I do not consider that any other being will come to me, and that is who shows up. I believe that if you worry about the "dark stuff" showing up, you are attracting that very thing. Stop thinking about it and it disappears. Believe in God and all His works and angels, and you will always walk with him and in his protection.

CAMMY_WebAdmin) Our next question is from zeph:

(zeph) If you know you keep your angels away, because deep down inside you have a hard time accepting and trusting their love, but yet being in here u feel them close, but you can't connect to them, even though you want to, what would be the best way to go about overcoming that.

(barbaramark) One time when I was doubting, the angels told me to "put my head in a drawer." It's okay to doubt. Ask your angels to help you get rid of it. They will.

(zeph) ok.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from LightShare

(lightshare) I've always heard angels, but one night I had a meditation where I met an angel. At the end of the session I asked for a hug. (I'm not normally a huggy person, so it came as a shock when I asked this) but I do remember his wrapping his wings around us during the hug... the feeling of love was total, and I felt completely at peace. Was this my imagination, have you had an angel hug? :)

(barbaramark) I have had many angel hugs, but never have seen an angel. What a gift! Thank you for sharing. Whenever you don't feel safe, you can always go back into that experience and know that you are truly protected. It isn't necessary to see angels to believe in them. Most
people never do. It is only necessary to BELIEVE in them.


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Anahata:

(Anahata) What criteria do angels use in picking the person they have decided to help?

(barbaramark) I don't know. But it is sure a good question to ask your angels. "Why did you pick me?" in fact it is a GREAT question!


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from NYlight:

(NYlight) In "City of Angels", He choose to "fall" to be with the one he loved. Is this possible? What is a "fallen Angel"?

(barbaramark) City of Angels was quite a movie, but remember it was a movie. There were writers and directors and all kinds of plot lines. Even though I loved the movie, put it down as "fiction". Why in the world would an angel want to "fall" into this mess on earth? They may
work with us, but I can't imagine them wanting to live here full time and give up their angel status.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) The next question is from Inergi:

(Inergi) Do angels ever need help? If so how can one help them?

(barbaramark) You can help your angels in many ways. Here is what they are saying to me right now....

'Dear Ones, you can help us by loving.
Love yourself,
Love your earth,
Love your families,
Love your neighbors and friends.
But most of all Love YOURSELF.
The better you treat your self,
The faster you will grow in this lifetime,
and the sooner you can heal your planet of all its ills.
Whatever you do, be good to yourself and know that
we think you are worth being with and loving from our side.
God loves you...we love you, you are worth loving...so do it.'
-Your angels


(CAMMY_WebAdmin) Barbara...thank you sooo much for being here with us tonight and sharing such incredible understanding on ANGELS. It has been such a special event for us. You MUST come back soon! For more info on Barbara, her books and her work, please visit her web site at http://www.angelspeake.com

(barbaramark) I will be delighted to come back.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) A log of tonight's chat will be posted in a few days.

(Suzan) thx barbara

(ilene) (((barbara))) nice to meet u

(Hopeful_Harriet) BarbaraMark....May God bless and keep you...may he shine his face on upon you and bless you always...Thank you for your teachings and time spent with us...come back again soon!

(patsy) Thanks Barbara very much

(kath) ty Barbara. OPs, sending love and gratitude

(eeyore13166) Thank you Barabara.. and thank you angels

(barbaramark) Gracias, Thank You, danke shoen, etc.

(Cheetah) ty

(frenchysha) thank you

(cath) thank you

(Kellie) Thank you Barbara!

(Barbara_Rose) You were FANTASTIC - soooooo accurate, insightful, and WONDERFUL! Thank You!!

(Amulet) BarbaraMark it has been a pleasure to meet you

(ofgrace) You are blessed, Barbara

(sandangel) {{{Barbara}}} Thank You for this Special evening!!! Rainbows to you!!!!

(luvley) thanks Barbara!!

(StarrySkize) Thank you Barbara! I truly enjoyed it!:)

(Indigo) thank you barbara

(Marrion) Thank you sooooo much (((((Barbara)))))

(mvsunset) thank you

(sugarsugar) thank you

(mommys_girl) thank you barbara

(Monark) Thank you Barbara !!!!!!!!

(CinnamonAngel) blessing to you and all

(Athena) tank you barbara

(menlow) ty bbmk.you helped shed new light on something that I thought you had to get in church..nice to know they were with me all the time..I got touched...and got a purposeful name ty

(Anne) Thank you Barbara!

(Spyderlily) ty so much ms. marks

(Yellow_Star) Thank you and bless you Barbara

(jazzylady) Thank you so much.

(eve) thank you barbara

(Inergi) thxs Barbara

(Pandasweetheart) Blessings Barbara~~

(chknitout) thank you barbara

(Drk) That was great Barbara!

(granny1017) Thanks so much Barbara, loved your session

(Karin) Thank you Barbara from Australia

(Peggy) thanks Barbara!

(laporta356k) thank you

(bee) Thank you so much Barbara for your wisdom

(Diet7up) Thanks Barbara

(sodlady) Thanks Barbara, I have learned a lot.

(Pink) Barbara thank you!!!

(cbaby) thank you barb

(birdylover) thank you so much!

(gerri) thanks Barbara for you gift and thank you angels :)

(ocmack) Barbara -I'm only sorry that I got here late - but you and your angels gave me a great gift this evening. Thank you ALL!

(Barbara) Yes Thank you

(ofgrace) Love to you, Barbara

(Liane) Danke Schön Barbara

(tigger) Bless all

(Kikinkali) Thank you Barbara and God Bless

(Blithe_Spirit) Thanks Barbara and God bless.

(mary13L) Thank you Barbara ... peace and blessings to you ... always ... and in all ways :)

(Lucky) I feel lighter already, thank you Barbara

(maggie) Thanks angels

(Jiyu_no_Bosatsu) Thank You!

(deaf_dj) that is good speaking. I read it enjoying, Barabra Mark

(anahata) Can't wait to talk to my angels - thanks so much

(rosie) thanks barbara

(Sudie) so interesting! thanks!

(kapers) Thank You!!!!!!!!!

(astacia) thanks

(barbaramark) NAMASTE

(cbaby) I will talk to my angels.. :) thanks barb

(elie) Thank you barbara

(lena) Thank you Barbara.....blessings to you!

(little_one) thank you angels

(pb) thank you barbara,I will practice tonight.

(bluebird) ty, i have learnt so much today : )

(Tillie) Thank you for a delightful chat, I hope I can talk to my angels soon.

(Drk) namaste

(ofgrace) namaste

(Turtledove) Thank you Barbara for being our Angel Teacher. Good night to you from WY.

(rosie) namaste barbara

(Inergi) thank you Angels guilds and passed loved ones 8)

(Ronnie) Thanks so much!

(cbaby) You are a good teacher barb...thanks!

(sweetpea) Thank you

(WOLFGIRL) thanks for the many lessons and blessings, light and love to you Barbara

(dustball057) TY Barbara may your angels send you pennies!

(DonnaBeth) namaste Barbara...

(simple_abundance_) Bless you and your Divine work Barbara and thank you for your time tonight

(rolly) Thank you so much, Barbara! I LOVE YOUR BOOK!

(jet) barbara your msg touched me deeply, blessings to u!


(sthrnbreeze31) Thank you Barbara,, God Bless everyone tonight

(Marrion) (((((Barbara))))

(Angelic_Breeze) Good night barbara and ty

(PMH) God Bless you Barbara...you were so enlightning!

(wolf) Thank you Barbara for the inspiration; God Bless you and yours

(Debbie9) Thank you so much Barbara! Great ending!

(jeanymay) thank you Barbara

(wings) Thank you for a special and wonderful evening, Barbara! :)

(barbaramark) YOUSE GUYS ARE AWESOMEST!!!!!

(LightShare) {{{{{{{{Barbara}}}}}}}} thanks so much for YOUR time!

(Jeannie) Barbara.......Maybe you will come back again soon????????????

(DIVINEPSYCHE) Thanks, very enlightening Barbara! Love and Light to All!


(Drk) Hope you do Barbara Mark, that was great:)

(ofgrace) Lovely evening...just lovely...thanks.

(CAMMY_WebAdmin) For more info on Barbara, her books and her work, please visit her web site at: http://www.angelspeake.com

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