"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake - Postscripts from the Other Side
Anne Frank was born 75 years ago, June 12. We thought she would be the perfect one to talk to at this time of unrest and war. We chatted with Anne in May, 2004.

Dear Anne,
Many have been thinking about you this month of your birthday. Do you have anything to tell us today?

Yes, Dear Sisters. You are fortunate to have each other. All people are fortunate to have each other. This is a planet of coupling. Often you have heard it said that this is a duality planet, but for every action there is an opposite action. Therefore you cannot have bad without good, or light without dark. Thus these two examples are really ˇ§couples.ˇ¨ Male/female, old/young, peace/war, all need each other in order to BE.

People think of me as being shut up alone in an attic for all those years of my life. But that was not true. In survival, we learned to love each other more than you can imagine. We made sure each of us was safe. We were all each otherˇ¦s responsibilities. I learned more about love in my short lifetime than most people do in many lifetimes, and when we were betrayed and sent to our deaths, it was a fitting end for each of us. We were not afraid, because we had learned to love to such a high degree, that we could not hate even our betrayers or the ones who led us into the gas chambers.

I want to tell you this important thing. There is a greater plan. Even with the agony of life on earth, the opposite is a peace beyond understanding. Joy will replace your worries and fears. Death is not the ending, it is the beginning and the lessons you have learned during life will keep you from despairing in some way during the next life. It is a cycle and an uplifting, to be alive. Enjoy your life however you are living it, for it is the perfect life for you to learn exactly what you came to find out.

My message is this: Learn to love yourself, others, and your circumstances.
Your divine plan is unfolding exactly as it should.
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