"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake - Postscripts from the Other Side
Hi Sister Barbara!

What would you like to teach us about being in spirit?? Is it really as wonderful as everyone on the other side says it is? Do you ever wish to come back to body again?

What?….come back to body again? Oh, I think-eth knot-eth!

You see, life is so free here. You don’t have fears or worries. You don’t have to lie awake at night rethinking your days and feeling sorry for things that you have said or done.

While you are in spirit, you are as free as a bird to do what is for the greatest good. We are often called on assignment and asked to be part of a larger plan, such as helping souls on earth that are worried about the year of 2012 and what might happen to them and their family.

This is a time where it is easy to see what growth or lack of growth a soul has made over time. People who are in fear are very worried and unhappy. We can see that this agony some souls go through brings down their energy, causing their bodies to become ill, or people making poor decisions for themselves and so forth.

Then there are souls that have decided to turn their fear and worry over to God and they feel at peace about this time, knowing that all will happen and unfold as it is meant to. You see, nothing is happenstance during this time of spiritual/soul growth within each person.

You are all growing forward on your path and you must trust your process. Allow all to unfold as it is meant to. For God and the universe hold the plan and each soul on earth is part of the plan that will work best for each individual. Please stop worrying. It only takes you down. Think of the love you have for others, think about the love that is shown to each person from God. Think of the breathtaking beauty of your planet at sunrise or sunset, the feeling of wind in your hair, even the healing food that you put within your being. These are all gifts and they are given to you to heal and nurture you.

Why you might ask? Because, you are truly loved. Because you are a part of the perfect plan that is unfolding around each of you. And you are deeply and truly loved by all of us here on this side of life. We admire your strength and fortitude, your bravery, your trust and faith and we see you struggle at times but we know that you are on your way to a grander and greater understanding and growth.

Your soul hears us calling and feeding each of you with the correct knowledge, understanding and willpower that is unfolding around you. And the best news of all? You will hear the call and you will rise up and listen to the guidance and directions, you will fall into alignment with the work that you have agreed to do before you arrived on your planet and you will absolutely know what to do…when. It will be as clear to you as anything that has ever come into your consciousness. You will not falter or doubt. You will put each foot in front of another and you will walk forward, joyous, exalted and full of the knowing that you are at the right place at the right time, doing exactly what you know to you. This, children, is what your soul is being called to do. You are perfectly in alignment with the universe and it feels so right to you.

Is this the day you have been waiting for? Is this the day that all will fall into place and you will know, from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head that all is correct.

The best part of this is that every day you have lived on earth, you have been preparing for this moment. Nothing in your life, not just the horrible and difficult times and not just the wonderful and ecstatic times, but each day or existence, each day of being, you have prepared yourself for your unfoldment and preparation. Yes, you are ready for this moment of “knowing” that will awaken you as to your larger plan in ways you never dreamed possible. Yes, you will not miss this moment. You, unknowingly, have been waiting for this time your entire life and you are prepared and ready.

And now, we must ask you to continue to turn your will and your life over to your God and trust that all is well. We are The Messengers that have come to share with you a part of the planning that is slowly but surely been laid out for you. Rejoice in knowing that all is well. And yes, you are all blessed and we thank you for your love.

God blesses each and every one of you,
Barbara and The Messengers.
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