"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake - Postscripts from the Other Side
Dear Barbara and Trudy,

I have just loved James Cagney ever since I saw him on TV when I was 16. I'm 46 now. He was before his time as far as protecting our environment and he was a great American. Last year I was given a personal item of his as a gift. Soon after, I had a dream that he was coming out of a building and he was carrying a large envelope...He looked to be around age 50. Knowing he passed on, I told him that I was a fan and that I even got my son interested in his movies. I said that he would be glad to know that people still remember him and he has even gained some new fans. I wonder if he really came to me that night in my dreams and if he has anything to tell us.


Dear Donna,
Loved ones often come to us in our “dreams”. If they are particularly vivid and your remember them in their entirety even after time passes, then that is not a “dream” but a visitation. Let’s see what Mr. Cagney has to say. We wonder what was in the envelope. It had to have some significance if it was included and you remember it so clearly.

Dear Angels,
Is James Cagney available?

Dear Donna, I am pleased that you remember me so well and still enjoy my work. My stint on earth as an actor was an interesting one. Playing tough guys was fun because it was such a different “type” than who I was. I was mainly a man of action and joy. I loved music, dancing, singing, building, growing, laughing, and helping the world. By no means was I a scary individual.

To put life into perspective, in another 20 or 30 years I will no longer be remembered by anyone except a few movie buffs and historians, and I was famous by every standard of fame. So when your head gets full of how wonderful you are, remember this question: Can you name even ONE of your great-grandparents? And there were EIGHT of them. You will be a rare one if you can.

How can you be remembered? Plant a tree. Build a school. Leave a legacy that helps the world or the people on it. My message to you, Donna, is to ask you to DO something. Anything at all that you can honestly say will remain even 50 years after you die. That will make for interesting thought or dinner conversation.

May your idea find fruit and grow.
J. Cagney

P.S. Excuse me, I forgot to tell you what was in the envelope. Seeds! Seeds of every type. All to be planted by YOU. Have fun!

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