"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake - Postscripts from the Other Side
Dear Barbara and Trudy, can you get in touch with Pope John Paul II to bring us a message? Can you ask the Angels what message do we have from him.?
Thank you, Idie

Dear Pope John Paul II
You are going to be missed here on earth. What do you have to teach us now that you have passed on to your reward?

I have several things to share with you. As all of the people you contact on this side relate, it is not what you expect. It is finer, more pure, more loving, and greater in scope than you can possibly imagine. While on earth, a person can only see what is in their eyes. You can only hear what is in your ears. You can only think what is in your brain, and you can only love to the extent of your belief in love. Here, there are no boundaries. There are no limits. And there is no God sitting on a throne looking all-knowing. God is omni-present, omniscient, and all being as the scholars say. But he is more and more and still more.

God is all of your knowing and senses times the extent of the universe. Your ability to know God comes from your ability to float in His truth. It is as you are drifting in love, and when you choose to rest in His beingness, you rest in total peace. You on earth are not even aware of one cell of Him. You are only imagining His greatness. What a reward you will have when you come here.

There are those there who wish to create a saint from my life. I would say, why? Why would you want to make me more than I was? I was not a saint. I was only a man who loved God and those who served Him. Sainthood is deserved by every soul on earth, for everyone is in lesson as you dwell on your planet. From the lowest to the highest, there is right in all who seek Him and desire to know Him. When you stop judging the righteous from the sinner, you will see that all are what they need to be to reach, to learn, and to go forward to their highest self. The soul is what matters, not the man, woman, child. Not the deed or the result of that deed. Love the sinner. Love the saint. Love those who seek and find as well as those who seek and never find. There is truly no distinction.

Do not set me apart from the common man. That would not be fair to me or to you. Make me one of you in your heart and you will know that I am only doing what all of you are. To love and serve God and His universe in the ways I have been led.

Dominus Vobiscum
John Paul 


Pope John Paul was known the he did not agree with the Gay Lifestyle. What are his thoughts on that issue now, now that he has gone home and sees the larger picture.

Letís ask him. Pope John Paul, what do you say?

Dear Children of God,
In heaven, there are few blessings given to a soul more perfect and beautiful and loving than the Gift of Tolerance. Here there is no difference in one being from another. There are degrees of understanding and growth, perhaps, but certainly no judgment or discord. Each one of us here is a cell in the body of God., and we know it. It is the same there, too, but without the understanding of that enormous truth, it is very difficult to understand. On a place of polarity and duality such as earth, humans tend to see differences rather than oneness.

There is a prayer that was taught on earth for you to say, and its truth comes directly from heaven. Use it and then pray to understand its true meaning. I give you an expanded version of what it teaches you and how it helps you when you recite it, line by line.

Our Father (Love)
Who art in heaven. (Peace)
Hallowed be thy name. (Respect)
Thy kingdom come (Promise)
Thy will be done (Truth)
On Earth as it is in Heaven (Tolerance)
Give us this day (Belief)
Our daily bread (Faith)
And forgive us (Humility)
Our trespasses (Honesty)
As we forgive those who trespass against us (Forgiveness)
And lead us not into temptation (Purity)
But deliver us from evil (Trust)
For thine is the kingdom (Magnificence)
And the power (Greatness)
And the glory (Light)
Forever (Eternity)
Amen (Surrender)

There is only love here. From the highest cleric to the lowest leper, it is all love here.

This is my promise to you.
John Paul

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