"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake - Postscripts from the Other Side

Hello Robin:

"So many of us here on earth were surprised and saddened with your recent decision to return home . We loved your humor, your kindness and your generosity. Would you like to share anything about your life now that you have a new perspective with your life on earth?"

Dearest Trudy,

Yes, I am safely home now and I am so amazed and so grateful, all at the same time. I had no idea how much I was loved and appreciated while I was on earth. You see, I lived with many people inside my thoughts plus a world of many people, many ideas to say nothing of depicting so many characters. I now realize that my sharing the characters that lived within me with the world, I was giving a form of healing to all who heard my antics or who thought I was just a jokester. I now “get it” that as I let the ideas and enactments of others flow through me. I also know that there were many souls on earth who found a great relief in hearing my routines and then knowing that their own inner thoughts were alive and sometimes like the characters I would discuss. Individuals that that were happy to hear me and that they weren’t crazy. They received validation from my form of humor and it helped them find peace or look for help so they could heal from the complications of life.

Yes, so much was given to me and I never could completely understand the enormity of what was given to me. I fully understand now that I was blessed and it was my gift that I needed to share. We all know that laughter is such a healing gift and I was so happy to hear the roar of the laughter. Movies were not as fun for me for there was no laughter for me to bounce off. I loved a crowd so I could feel the love and healing in real time. I was very blessed.

However, I was very sad, tired and afraid. I did not want to put my family through the Parkinson illness that I had. I guess you might say I wanted to “leave them laughing” before any part of my life would be a tremendous burden. It felt like the right thing to say goodbye my way and at the time I did.

Also, the roar of joy and laughter that greeted me when I returned home was truly amazing. It felt like a universal roar of joy and love. Something I sought on earth but only fully heard and received when I returned to spirit.

So, I am now home with my spiritual family and healing from my many life lessons. I also know that love for self is such an enormous part of being in a body on earth. I ask each of you to see yourself through your loved ones eyes. Feel the love that flows to you and take in the goodness that is there. Being on earth is a blessing, even though it can be very difficult. Give love but always remember to receive the love that is given to you. I love you all and I thank you for your love to me. I am at peace and I am happy.

With Love and Laughter,
Robin Williams

Note from Kate Large:

Dearest Trudy,

Thank you for sharing this heart warming message from Robin Williams with me prior to the newsletter going out.  When I read, "...the roar of joy and laughter that greeted me when I returned home was truly amazing" a vision my angels shared with me was validated!

A few hours after receiving the news of his death, I sat down to my desk and I immediately saw in my mind's eye: Robin Williams as Mork, bouncing around heaven!  He was joking, laughing, and shaking hands of angels and deceased loved ones.  He was happy and worry free!

This vision of the magical love of the angelic realm - a place where there is no judgment - only welcoming, unconditional love for everyone, comforted me.

Thank you for sharing the Post Scripts from the Other Side with us!  They help to expand our awareness of what the transition to the angelic realm truly IS in a gentle, beautiful way!

In love and light,

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