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Angelspeake - Postscripts from the Other Side
In our book, “Heaven & Beyond”, we taught you that you can speak to people who are not truly alive, but who are not really deceased either. One of the men we wrote about had Alzheimer’s and his daughter-in-law sent us a message she had received from his spirit after asking why he had chosen this disease. Here was the reply she received when she asked him, “If you had all your faculties and the power to communicate, what would you tell us?”

[I would say to you that...] Even where I am is purposeful. Do not think to hurry me to spare my suffering or what you believe would be my embarrassment. I am yet learning lessons or else I would not be here. When all my contracts are fulfilled and I have learned all I can, I will go, and soon enough. Though you may have difficulty believing it, you yet have things you learn through me.

She then asks, “What do we have to learn?”

And Paul replies, “Patience. My wife is having trouble letting me go. To leave her suddenly would be too great a shock to her. She sees herself as strong as she really is, but she also sees herself as one-half of a couple. When the couple ceases to exist, she will be lost for a time. I am giving her a chance to rehearse.”

Why have we mentioned this in February? President’s Day, just passing, was a time of many TV programs about past presidents. Ronald Reagan has Alzheimer’s and we thought we would ask him how he was doing - February 2004.

Dear Ladies, How kind of you to think of me. So many have me dead and buried just because they can’t speak to me directly. On the contrary, I am quite busy in some ways. At least my mind is. I, and others like me, come and go. Our spirits leave our bodies often and we go to where things are interesting. As the President of the United States I was interested in many things concerning Foreign Policy and Internal Affairs. I still am. Often I have “gone” to the Middle East to see what was going on, but truthfully, that situation is so out of hand, I find it uninteresting. I do, however visit with the boys who are wounded or dying. There is a freedom of movement we who live in between worlds have, and I take advantage of it.

Mostly, however, I do my best to comfort Nancy and to help her get over her grieving. When she finally accepts that I am “gone” then I will really go. We were, in some ways, too attached to one another. Love is a good and wonderful thing, but it is also important to think one’s own thoughts and to have one’s own life. Yes, we were twin souls, but that doesn’t mean we were one soul. We were still individuals.

Do not feel sorry for me. There is no need. This disease is just as much a part of my life as everything else was. It looks much worse than it is. I have good care and I have learned to be humble in my infirmity. Now, that is the hard lesson. To go from President of the United States to a bed-ridden old man is my just desserts. And funny, too, if you think about it. My enemies are even.

Ronald Reagan   


We thought it would be nice to ask how he is now that he has passed over. Here is his answer today - June 2004.

Dear People,
I am amazed at how much time and money you spent in saying goodbye to my body. What a spectacle. It was nice for Nancy and perhaps the nation, but it was certainly not necessary for me. I am gone, and glad to be so. It is not easy being on earth. There freedom over here is the most amazing thing. All of a sudden, with death, there is a great sense of weightlessness. Not just from being out of the body, but also from releasing all the burdens one carries while alive. It was so much work!

It is nice to be remembered for my sense of humor and my good works. I noticed however, that the press was much kinder to me in their tributes after my death, than they ever were while I was on earth. What with depressing critical reviews on my acting work, and the unending criticism about my political decisions, I was certainly expecting a much harsher analysis of my life. I think of Shakespeare’s pla7y and somehow this seems to be the epitaph I would prefer, “Much Ado about Nothing.” For surely it is. There is no reason to measure a man’s life by his works or the opinions others have about him. The only true analysis is made by our very own souls. Now, that is a glorious and fitting judgment.

Thank you for coming to me again. Say goodbye to all who care, and hello to all those who loved me. The circle of life has been fulfilled.


Dear Angels or Ronald Reagan,
From the news coverage of your funeral, it was stated that Ronald Reagan had planned his own funeral. I was confused by your reply saying it was not necessary for the goodbye when that is what you had wanted.
Pat W

I truly liked you as a president. Also, I taught my daughter, Beth, to read when she was very young by taking her index finger just like your mother did you.

We asked for President Reagan’s reply, and he answered.

Dear Pat,
Even though it was said I had little or no ego, you can tell by the funeral I planned that I certainly had a healthy one. I actually wanted something simpler, but as a president of a great country, there is a need for pomp and circumstance, so this is what it ended up. But from my perspective today, I would have had a very small ceremony on the ranch with Nancy, the kids, and those that cared for me in my final days. That would have been more than enough.

I am glad you had a good mother, too. A good mother makes a good man (or woman) and nothing on earth can replace the love they gave us.

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