"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

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Trudy Griswold's inspiring workshops, classes and teleseminars can help you with your spiritual life work and identify your purpose.

Are you confused about how to apply your spiritual knowledge to daily life?
Do you know what to do next while walking your Path?
Ever wonder what your life purpose is and why you can't access it?
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Angelspeake Facilitator Certification Program coming FEBRUARY 2015!



Date: TBA
7:00pm - 9:00pm  EST
Fee: $50.00

If you are longing to speak to loved ones or someone you admire in spirit that has passed over, don’t miss this exciting Teleclass program!

Souls in spirit tell us that they have so much to share with those of us on earth and when we have the opportunity to talk together they LOVE it! Here are some reasons to connect with them! Loved ones in spirit are very excited to speak with all on earth!!

4 Reasons to Connect with Your Loved Ones in Spirit

1. We want to assure you that we are here in spirit and doing well! This is the number one piece of information we souls in spirit want to share with those still on earth.

2. We want to share with you our perspective on human life from spirit! Often we can see how life is unfolding from here and we can support you in your life journey. If you have a concern or worry, we can support you.

3. Healing with loved ones on earth can be accomplished while we are in spirit. we also would like to share any healing or misunderstandings that happened while we were together on earth. Healing is never too late and a great deal can be accomplished from here to you on earth.

4. We souls in spirit want to speak with you just as much as you want to speak with us!! Connecting this way is the ultimate “Love Letter from Home” and we are all lined up here, waiting to communicate with you

Our job over here in spirit is to help those of you still at home learn to move forward on your path and heal from the misunderstands of life on earth. Each and every human on earth has the ability to connect with all of us in spirit through writing if you will just allow yourself to do so. Please write to us. We love you more than you can know.”

Don’t miss this exciting teleclass. Sign up today! I can only take 25 attendees and spots fill up fast!!


Click here to register through our automated schedule program to reserve your seat and make your payment.

Please choose the date, December 16, of the teleclass, choose the time shown, then follow the directions to complete your registration.  Be sure to click the PayPal button and finalize your registration with payment.

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Via Skype

Would you love to host a gathering of four likeminded spiritual friends under the tutelage and guidance of spiritual mentor Trudy Griswold? If you are looking to cultivate your own personal development and spiritual growth, while learning from one another, this unique opportunity is for you.

Trudy’s newest Spiritual Wisdom Workshop is now available on either a one-time basis or combined weekly programs custom designed to the needs and interests of your particular group. Each attending person in the workshop will address a series of thought provoking questions prior to the program to gain even greater focus and direction.

Each person’s spiritual support team of angels, guides, master teachers, and deceased loved ones, as well as many more in spirit will be present at each session. Trudy will help each person in attendance to be able to grow forward spiritually. Angelic readings will also be included.

This fun and spiritually nurturing and healing half-day program from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. is discounted at only $150 per person for each session, as her intuitive readings are $150 per hour. Best-selling author and spiritual life coach Trudy Griswold has developed this new and exciting seminar made available through Skype, where she will mentor and teach an intimate group of souls seeking further enlightenment and spiritual guidance on their path to living their best life yet.

Workshop Requirements:
* One host + minimum four workshop participants (minimum 5 workshop participants)
* Skype availability

For further details or to register, please contact Trudy: 727-942-4141 US Please call during business hours 9am - 5pm ET.

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