"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Spiritual Coaching with Trudy

Spiritual Life Coaching with Trudy

If you know there is more within you to be, to do, or to have, then you may be ready for a spiritual coach. In this work, Trudy forms a partnership with you and your angels. She will guide you and intercede with the angels to help you as a mentor, spiritual intermediary, and friend. Trudy, you and your angels will work together to set goals, manage stress, develop a personal vision, and to learn to believe in yourself and your abilities. If you feel you need to open more fully to your spiritual greatness, Trudy is here to help you.

Spiritual coaching works because it is individually focused on one person's spiritual self. It works because it identifies goals and reinforces the inner knowing of each individual client. It works because its focus remains constant, repetitive, and positive. It works because its only agenda is the spiritual development of an individual. And it works because the coach and client are committed to the objectives over a six to twelve month weekly encounter. Trudy's coaching can help you learn how to open up to your own inner knowing and discover your true spiritual self.
"You have not been born to be average.  Because you work with us, you are destined to become aware of your spiritual nature.  The world needs you.  Trust this, because it is true."

...the Angels

 The Top 10 Things Working With a Spiritual Coach Can Do For You

Having a Spiritual Coach is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  With a Coach's help, you will discover how to put your body, mind, and spirit into harmony so your entire life will become more meaningful and balanced.  By becoming trusted friends, you and your Coach will help you see yourself and the life you live as much more.  You will begin to see yourself as a whole spiritual being rather than pieces and parts of a person having a living experience on earth. 

Together we will:

1.  Help You To Focus.  We all have ideas and spiritual growth opportunities around us all the time.  A coach will help you to put your inside and outsides in synchronization to become more centered.

2. Feel Better About Yourself. You will learn that taking time for yourself is even more important than anything else you do. With a healthy balance and personally empowering rest periods, you will accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

3. Clarify What You Want From Life.
By using techniques the angels have taught us, you will find your true path in life and set a course to getting there. Its easier than you think!

4. Provide Accountability.
When you work with another person who has experienced spiritual growth, you will be able to stay on track and to follow through with your life plans, its so much easier to grow when you can share with one who understands the challenges and blessings of working with their divine team.

5. Become More Authentic.
As you make internal changes, the world will begin to see you differently. You will be amazed that by changing your attitude, the world's attitude will seem to change, too. You will attract people, things, and events to you that are more than ever before in agreement with your own truth.

6. Decide What Hatters Most.
You will find what is really important to you and how to create a vision that will make what matters to you a reality.

7. Create A Support Network.
Working with a Spiritual Coach is like having a go-between between the angels and your own self. What you couldn't, or didn't know how to do for yourself, will be discussed, enhanced, and explained as you work together.

8. Get Spiritually Fit.
Whatever your goals, desires, or visions, a Spiritual Coach will help you create a strategic plan that will work for you. Part of having a great life is to balance your body, mind, and spirit. To be spiritually fit is to know who you are within and without.

9. Create A Plan.
Many of you may be spiritually gifted in ways you don't even realize. A Spiritual Coach will help you recognize your own capabilities and how to live your divine plan. You will be helped to set in motion how you can work for a better world.

10. Create Balance.
We cannot be our best selves if we are stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy, or confused. A Spiritual Coach will help you to take charge and to create your best life and to 'be the person you were born to be.
What Others are Saying...

If you are experiencing a tough time and need someone to help see you through, then I would recommend coaching with Trudy Griswold. Coaching with Trudy was uplifting and life changing. Along with the angels she provided the guidance, love, accessibility, compassion and support I needed to move along my life path. She is spiritually gifted, and I appreciate the relationship that we developed. She is an integral part of my support team.

-Natalie Samuels


Hello! In late December, I finished a six month coaching session with Trudy, and I truly encourage others to sign up for this marvelous angelic experience!

For six months, Trudy and I worked together, looking at many different aspects of life, planetary issues, walking further on each of our paths, and just plain sharing much love and joy together. I looked forward to each Monday morning session. Because of this experience, I have grown far beyond my greatest expectations with my angels and where I choose to go in life! Choose this coaching experience. I'm just certain you'll be so glad you did!

-Carolyn R. -- Charleston WV


Coaching is a deep, meaningful conversation with a confidant who has no opinion, bias, or judgment about you A session is action and results oriented to help you answer your questions, and to enlighten you about why you're here and where you are going.

Contact Trudy today to begin an easier life journey!

Trudy Griswold:  727-942-4141 (FL - Eastern Time)
Please call during normal business hours.

Spiritual Coaching

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